How was I supposed to know?

We had some Carlton players come to our school today and all anyone was talking about was Chris Judd. I have no idea who Chris Judd is. Well, I know he’s the guy I’ve pictured, and that he plays for Carlton, and that he is the most payed member of the AFL (thanks to friends and friends boyfriends for that info). But still. I am totally clueless. Apparently they walked past me at lunch. Oops? Then everyone was talking about some other player called Joe Anderson who was supposed to be really hot but I definitely have no idea who he is and I can’t seem to find a picture of him anywhere on google. I do know he signed some of the boys in my classes bums though. Like their literal flesh bottoms… Joe is such a hot name. There’s Joe Jonas. And Joe Brooks.
And apparently Joe Anderson. Haha Hayley said that she was going to name her first son Joe, just so he ended up hot. She was disappointed when I told her it didn’t work that way. So yeah, Joe Jonas. And Nick Jonas. And well, Kevin Jonas but he’s not as hot. They’re even cooler as today on Perez Kevin was seen wearing a shirt that said ‘Team Demi and Selena’, of course they’re Miley haters after Miley said she was going to marry Nick…
Don’t you love the fact that I can start talking about sport and get so distracted with hot guys I end up talking about the JoBros?

Love and Joe,
frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “How was I supposed to know?

  1. i LOVE the fact that you start talking about sport and get distracted and start talking about JoBros (and joe brooks!!)and you forgot to mentin joseph.. like joseph joseph.. he’s hot too!haha mull-dogs told me judd was walking around the school.. i really didn’t care.. and H can anme her kids whatever she wants for whatever reason she wants (just like i can!! i LIKE celledra)!xoxo.. toongen..

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