September Girlfriend…

I have been reading Girlfriend and Dolly since my 11th birthday, and have always had subscriptions. As my birthday this year was just before we went overseas, I didn’t get my usual subscriptions. I missed about three issues of both. A few weeks ago when I was at music camp my aunty bought me both the August issues (thanks deb!) and although I was excited to finally have my mags back, I was extremely disappointed once I opened the issues. It felt like a constant de-ja-vu. Everything was re-writes of old stories and old pictures. Maybe I was just be being picky but it really annoyed me. I wasn’t going to bother buying the new issues (Girlfriend was out yesterday, Dolly next Wednesday) but I had a bad day yesterday and the bubblegum pink and purple colour scheme and smiling Rachel Bilson changed my mind while I was waiting in the line at Safeway. There are two giant captions on the cover stating that it is a ‘huge 180 pages!’ and that it has a ‘New (extreme makeover) look!’ Firstly, I find it hilarious that they are using the fact that is a ‘huge 180 pages’ as a selling point, as last month and previous months have been in the late 170’s, early 180’s. Last months was 178 pages, and the extra two pages in this months issue seem to be either ‘Real Girl’ stories or ads. Their new look isn’t much different but it is cool. They’ve changed the contents pages so instead of being one full page, it’s two half pages, with the other half of one being the masthead and the other an ad. Sarah (Cornish)’s eds letter is on the model search. She admits to being short, which is never bad =) The usual Get-it-guide up the front, and then in Glamouriser there is ‘The top ten style icons as voted by you!’ and covergirl Rachel Bilson came in at number one (no surprise!). Girl Crush is Lauren Conrad (not my fave semi-celeb) and the the usual covergirl article. The fashion section is still extremely repetive (how many months in a row can they feature florals as a trend to try) and Lisa’s fashion blog is an interview with Jordan Loukas (apparently a competitor on Next Top Model…). Articles include ‘Panic at the disco- is your party a recipe for disaster?’, ‘Are you a secret Mean Girl?’, ‘Hands up who likes me? Six signs you’re an attention seeker’, ‘Liar, Liar pants of fire’, ‘Vanity affair- a history of beauty products’, ‘Gf investigates Boarding School’, ‘Illegally Green- Guerrilla Gardening’, ’10 things mum knows best’, ‘Is texting ruining your relationship?’ and ‘Circle of friends- does your school have cliques?’ In Gf gets real, the usual stories such as ‘Doctors told me I was infertile and now I’m a teen mum!’ and ‘I’m 99cm tall!’. In their ‘Unwired’ section they have a new columnist who I thought looked familiar- I just checked my old issues (I knew they’d come in handy!) and as I thought she was the editor winner of the You Make The Mag issue. She looks about seventeen. Does anyone know how old she is? She just rambles about thinking about her first column. In Tom’s blog he shares that he doesn’t have a mobile phone, and then there’s the usual blog lists. Beauty is now called ‘Pretty Girl’ and there’s nothing new to report here. Sarah T writes about her beauty ‘medicine’, pretty much stuff we’ve been told before. Pocahontas is the theme for the fashion shoot (think Indians). Boyfriend has a kazillion boy related quizzes, and articles such as ‘How to lose a guy in ten ways’ and ‘the ex-ray’. Girlfriend Guru shares the usual health /exercise/recycling with us, and then there’s another few quizzes and the sealed section which is ‘Body Dismorphic Disorder (BDD)’. I was thinking of subscribing but the free gift is Avon make-up (avon drives me mad!), horoscopes have a new layout, and entertainment is same-old-same old. Movie reviews, music reviews, book reviews (Stephenie Meyer’s The Host is featured!) and a Jonas Brothers feature is about it. Hot posters, Rob’s blog and the ‘gf loves’ section finishes the mag. Overall, it’s a boredom-killing read, and if you like gf for sure buy it. 8/10.

Love and pretty magazine covers,
frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “September Girlfriend…

  1. Rob is my fav, I love him heaps! But yeah, I generally only read magazines in roll call. Lately thouhg I’ve been readin a Gf from a few months back (Jess Alba on the cover), while an old OK! magazine is in front of me (it was the one about Lisa and Dean’s Engagement! HAH! that worked out!)..I don’t think I’ll buy many magazines for a little while, or maybe just not both..

  2. hey girl! how’s you?? :Doh wow. pretty cover. i’m a crazy GF fan, and i was so upset when I heard Sarah Oakes left. you’re right, though, the issues have been getting a little bland, and i am looking forward to reading the latest issue to judge for myself if it’s really going downhill without the usual GF team. 😦 (a lot of the usual writers have left)it’s okay, let’s hope GF will improve in time to come!lotsa love, julia.

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