The one and only…

Bella Frizza always had a passion for pop-culture and journalism, and after scoring a job at girlfriend magazine straight after high school, she accomplished her dream. She has since moved on from gf, but she still writes regularly at her blog, thoughts. Below she shares her thoughts on magazines, being a teenager and realising your dreams. You can also find out more about her post-high school journey here:
Frangipani Princess (fp):Were you obsessed with pop-culture (magazines,tv,radio,celebs etc) while at school?
Bella Frizza (bf):Yes! I was constantly bringing in mags, talking about The O.C, Dawson’s Creek – whatever I was obsessed with at the time! And I had my own radio show on our local radio station (Northern Beaches FM) so I was always interviewing my friends on that and playing my own music once a week after school which was really fun! I had half the school listening to me!
FP: Was journalism always a dream of yours?
BF:I always knew I wanted to be in the media. Teri Hatcher from the new adventures of Superman was my inspiration many years ago. I remember one year at The Easter Show I got a Lois and Clark show bag and used to take it everywhere with my pen, paper and Dictaphone ad interview my brother, mum and dad and friends any chance I got! Then I did work experience at Girlfriend and realised that mags is exactly where I wanted to be.
FP:What were your favourite, and least favourite subjects at school?
BF:My absolute fave subjects at school were Drama and Ancient History. I did love English but I never really tried as hard as I could have. I hated maths with a passion and science wasn’t one of my fortes either!
FP:Personally, what do you think the hardest part of being a teenager is?
BF:The hardest part of being of teen – wow, I don’t know if I can pin point one exact thing! The whole process is just so hard. You’re finding out who you are, who you’re friends are, trying to fit in – as exciting as it is it’s hard and scary all at the same time.
FP: What inspired you to start Thoughts?
BF: After leaving Girlfriend Mag I wasn’t writing as much as I used to be and I wanted to keep up my skills while still keeping in contact with the girls from GF. So it was kind of like a diary for them to begin with, then it just became my creative outlet where I got more and more readers and got a bit more known!
FP: Your first job was working at girlfriend. How did you get the job and what was your favourite part of working there?
BF:I got the job at GF by doing work experience throughout my entire last year of school. I went back in all my holidays and just used to do whatever they wanted me to. I loved being there so much they had to push me out the door at the end of the day and if they didn’t remind me I never would have taken my lunch breaks! My fave part of working at GF was…everything! It was so fun and I was lucky enough to work with some amazing people. I’m pretty sure I met my soul mate in a bestie. I was so lucky to work there and to this day it was my fave job out of any one I have ever had.
FP: After leaving gf, what other careers have you pursued?
BF: I’m embarrassed to say that I have changed ad swapped a couple of time. I was in radio for a spilt second after leaving GF, but after being there for 3 months realised that my love was in pretty glossies. Now I’m waiting for my dream job to come up at ACP, in the meantime working at Nine West and interning at CLEO magazine one day a week.
FP: What advice do you have for teenagers hoping for a journalistic career?
BF: Go to uni!!! I can’t stress that enough. Even though I got my dream job at age 18, I was very young and naive and wish that I would have done uni part time as it has held me back a lot. AND work experience is the key to getting into the mag industry – put your heart into it and do anything and everything you are asked with a smile after all this is your potential employer you’re dealing with!
FP:What advice do you have for surviving the teen years?
BF:Just be true to yourself and you’ll get through it. Trust me your teens are some of the best years of your life so enjoy them and live in the moment every chance you get!!
FP: What do you enjoy doing during weekends and holidays?
BF: I love catching up with my friends, going shopping, going to the movies going out for dinner and drinks – all the normal stuff! Writing in my blog when I get a chance and my latest obsession is travelling – I want to go everywhere starting in USA! Keep reading Thoughts to see where I’m at!
FP: Do you have a favourite quote or something that sums you up?
BF: Everything happens for a reason. If you don’t get into uni straight after school (like myself) something even more amazing is waiting round the corner for you.

Hope you enjoyed that guys! Bella is awesome for letting me interview her, and is a true inspiration! Getting a UAI of 33.4 and still managing to do everything she has done, it really does prove that when one door closes another one opens….

Love and cool interviews,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Make sure you check out Bella at (thoughts).
pps. Tomorrow will be my last ‘official’ post before I hit Europe for five weeks, and sporadic posting begins…

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