May Girlfriend…

I’ve been meaning to review this for a week or so now, sorry guys! It’s the reader written issue, so the articles (I feel) aren’t as good as usual. There’s a cover line that Dolly ran in their current issue (Fall-Out-Friends, when besties go bad) and an ad for the gf model search alongside Fergie’s face. Some of the main articles are:
‘Do Boys make us dumb? All girls school vs Co ed.’
‘Mind aware.’
‘Fall our friend.’
‘Clique chic (with a totally over-used shot of Ja’mie and co from summer heights high)
‘Are you an Attitude queen?’
‘Are you fur real?’
‘How will YOU be remembered when you leave year twelve?’
‘Gimme more (see cover line)’
‘Have you caught the jealousy bug?’
Beauty reviews perfumes, hair styles, eye-liner and pink products. Fashion looks at optical prints, pink and purple, motorcycle diaries and transeasonal pieces. There’s a fashion spread on rock grunge which looks pretty cool. The sealed section is the yearly (maybe more) contraception run-down and the usual ‘I think I’m in love with my best friend’ questions. In GF guru there’s an article with the waay over-used heading ‘That that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger’ as well as
‘The breakfast challenge’
‘Sneaker stylin’
‘Are you really an eco-nysta’
and the usuals on body, mind, soul and nutrition. The finalists for gf of the year have a spread next, most seem to be sports related, but there is an animal activist with a savebabe poster. I’ve always had a soft spot for the pigs, and refuse to eat them so if I had to vote, she’d get mine. Boyfriend follows with articles like:
‘The way I are’
‘Ten things you think guys care about but they don’t’
And some hot posters.
Front row has the usual movie/book/music reviews and more posters.
Overall, most of the stuff has been done before (headings, posters, and article ideas) but I s’pose that has to happen eventually. If you’re bored and want something to read, go and get it but I wouldn’t ask for money to buy it. I give it a 6/10, although it will probably never be read by me again (not just this issue, any issue written by celebs/readers/random hobos. I’m just too used to the normal team…). Teen vogue review is still coming, and when my Dolly mag arrives I’ll review that as well.
As you all know, I’m heading to Europe in 46 days and so I decided to save money and not (insert amazed gasps here) renew my gf/dolly subscriptions (may issue is the last for both of them) until I get home. That said, I will probably cave when I see the mags on the stand, even if it is at the airport and end up buying them anyway. Oh, and my scanner stuffed up, the cover colours are actually red, yellow and white.

Love and trying to save money,
frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “May Girlfriend…

  1. 1. You totally should keep them. Use them as examples of what not to do. You’ll find you probably need those when you get to uni … best have a collection – PLUS one day the collection itself might be worth a fortune. Though, you havent been alive for as long as either of those mags have been in production (perhaps a consideration)!?!?2. how funny that it’s mostly stuff they’ve done before. oh, Georgie, that’s GOLD!!! In full ‘Chief’ motions.You know, 46 days strikes me as being right in the middle of term 2 … would that be vaguely correct? Nice work if you can get it đŸ™‚

  2. yeah i have to agree the special ‘reader-written’ editions aren’t that spesh (unless, of course, you or someone you know are the ones doing the writing!). I did enjoy the editor’s letter though, she came across as a very intelligent and confident girl (just the message Girlfriend is trying to push…?)The ‘Ten things you think guys care about but they don’t’ was a fun read (incredibly overdone, incredibly obvious, yet incredibly true!) and I enjoyed the fashion this month. Here’s a question for you- why do our Dolly subscriptions arrive at such strange points through the month? I’d prefer either the beginning or end of the month, but it seems to vary each issue!Anyway, great bubblygirlxoxo

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