Crazy songs…

Have you ever listened to a song and wondered just what the hell the singers were prattling on about? Well, songmeanings has a list of heaps of song lyrics, plus a comment board where you can discuss the meanings. I’ve been addicted to this site for a few months now, ever since i first heard the song ‘how to save a life’ and wondered what it was about. According to the site, it’s about the lead singer helping a crack-addicted teen recover. Other songs I’ve looked up include ‘light surrounding you’, which had various meanings and ‘stole’ which is about a school massacre. Anyway, check it out next time a song is bugging you.
The new Girlfriend is on sale today, it looks very cool with Ashley Tisdale (of high school musical fame) gracing the cover and some fabulous articles (how to deal with a real life ja’mie is my fave). Sorry i never got around to reviewing last months gf. This issue is fab and for $5.50 is a great read/buy.

Love and song meanings,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. 27 days till Christmas!


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