Cyber bullies…

I read a book last night that every teen girl should read. It’s called Destroying Avalon, and even though i had skim read it before, this was the first time i had sat down and really read it. It’s about cyber bullying. Cyber bullying has really been highlighted in the media recently with girlfriend magazine starting the ‘i delete bullies’ campaign and a number of news items on the subject. Cyber bullying is any form of harassment, or stalking via means of communication (msn, email, chat rooms, text messaging, phone calls etc) and it is on the increase. People believe that because they are hiding behind the mask of a computer, they can’t get in trouble and no one will find out who they are. They are extremely mistaken because police have ways of tracing things back to the computer they came from, and as we got told at the tomorrow’s leaders conference, even if you delete a text message it can still be found. In the book, Avalon is a 14 year old girl who starts at a new school in Perth. The kids take a disliking to her and before she knows it, there are hate blogs made about her, chat room topics devoted to her and she is getting fifty or more abusive text messages a day. The story just tells how she, and her friends deal with it and how the culprit isn’t always who you think it is. Seriously, it is a must read, even if it just raises the awareness of people about cyber bullying and that there is things you can do to stop it. if you hear of anyone, or you are being cyber bullied, make sure you tell someone. Whether it be a parent, teacher, friend or counsellor, it can make a difference. You don’t want the outcome from the book happening to you…

Love and deleting bullies,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. 28 days till Christmas!!


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