My top five…

I have a pretty short attention span so movies have to be very interesting to keep my interest. While watching some movies i want to walk out of the movie theatre (pirates of the Caribbean 3 please stand up) and others i just want to keep watching. Here are my top five movies, in no particular order, and a reason why i love them.
1. Clueless. It’s a classic chick flick. It’s absolutely hilarious but the issues the girls face are real. And the Josh dude is pretty hot.
2. Rocky Horror. As disturbing as this movie is, i couldn’t not put it on my list. The sheer randomness of it is enough for me to feel like watching it again, but the time warp seals the deal.
3. Mean Girls. You are not a teenage girl unless you have seen and loved this movie. The burn book is a real look inside ‘popular’ girls minds and who doesn’t love the words fetch and coolness?
4. Hairspray. Two words. Zac. Efron. Plus, it has really catchy tunes and john Travolta dressed up as a girl. A favourite for the ages.
5. The Notebook. Again, you are not a teenage girl unless you love this movie. The first time i saw it i offended my friends by laughing where i was meant to cry and crying where i was meant to laugh (me: hahaha that is so funny! they all just burst in together!! hahaha! friends: *sob* that is so sad! she forgot him!! me: *sob* omgg how sad they died!! aww I’m soo sad!! friends: aww that is so good! they get to be together forever now…). It is a classic chick flick that will never, ever go out of fashion.
Of course, i have heaps and heaps of other favourites (the holiday, epic movie, the devil wears parda, she’s the man) but they are my faves at the moment. What are your favourite movies? I’m going to start listing my top fives every now and again (books, foods etc) when i have nothing super important to write about. Have a great weekend and don’t get too bored watching the vote count.

Love and great movies,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. 31 days till Christmas!


4 thoughts on “My top five…

  1. hey gg……hmmmmm i memba on msn a few days ago, maybe even 4 days ago ure name sed 31 days til xmas…..BUT! TODAY(23rd of november) its 31 days til xmas….i swear! i dunno…maybe i miss counted! WHOOPS! (if i did!) and i was wondering….would you be possibly maybe maybe prepared to possibly maybe maybe change ur font to a bigger size? please pretty please with a cherry on top? or two? hope so! i dont need glasses or anything, (prob sounds like it lol!) yes toong, i felt it nessecary to say lol then-its just that my laptop is supa small, and i have a really sore neck! small laptop+small font = SUPA SORE NECK! OUCH! my physio was tryna find out sum of the reasons my neck might be hurting and she’s like, hmmm how do you sit at the computer? im like uhhh its a laptop so….just howeva! and she told me i shud stack it on phone books, sit far back, and make sure my fonts big! so…..please? thankyou in advance george! LUV BELLA XOX

  2. OMG – Antony Green is the coolest person on the planet, bar none. Even if he is a bit of a dag.’dont get too bored watching the vote count’ … even the 1996 election was not nearly as exciting as Saturday.

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