What’s the most precious thing you own? A teddy? A book? A picture? We all have precious belongings that have a special meaning to us. Maybe the teddy was given to you when you were born. Maybe the book was the first one you learnt to read, or it might be signed by your favourite author. And the picture? It could be the last one you took with your grandma before she died. Whatever the connection, we just don’t want to let these things go. We were doing a drama activity today where we had to be interviewed on video. The questions varied from being about our family to precious people and objects. My object doesn’t have a deep psychological meaning, it wasn’t the first cd i listened to or the shirt i was wearing when i hugged a celebrity, it’s my magazine collection. Superficial and materialistic i know, but i don’t know what i would do if my magazines were chucked out. I have over two years worth of girlfriend and dolly magazines, plus numerous shop till you drop, tv hits and the late chik magazines. They are fabulous when i need some inspiration or just something to do on a lazy weekend. Other than my magazines, my bible is probably my next most precious item. It has answers for everything i would ever need to know (well, maybe not the answers for my next maths test, but you know what i mean) and it just makes you feel so peaceful. And it’s purple.
Another question was who was your most precious family member. Although i love all my family equally, i don’t know what i would do if something happened to my big brother. He is so special to me and has done so much in the sixteen years of his life, never letting his disability get in the way. Even though we fight, he is so much fun and so precious to me. What is the most precious thing you own?? Anyway, have a fabulous weekend!

Love and feeling precious,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. 32 days till Christmas!
pps. Doesn’t the word precious just make you think of Golem (??) on Lord Of The Rings doing his creepy little ‘my precious’ thing??


9 thoughts on “Precious…

  1. haha! ima lil golem! “mmyyyyy precssssiousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss”! hmm i have SO many precious items i coundnt do without…i’ll have ta think about that one! OH! i kno ONE of my faves….my letter collection! letters frm you george, my friend sarsie wen she moved away to board a t her skool, and ones frm me to people that i havent got the addy’s of, or just didnt wanna send! haha! all my books mean a lot to me….I’d like to have a library space atually! yeh, i spose all those family pics as well! theres so MUCH! luv bella xox

  2. i sed my photos.. i hva a photo album and my cupboard that hacv hepas of photos.. even ones n of me n jorji etc. who im not frends with enimore.. my precious family member(aftre me,, i actually sed me) was actually 2 ppl gyp n chillius.. they r the cutest thigns and i luv them to bits!!i had like 2 years worth of tv hits until this year.. theyw were in the bottom drwaer of my cupboard abnd ui hcucked em out wen we moved.. i hva most girlfriends and dolly magz since weneva i started to buy them.. thye r in abox under my bed.. i don’t thikn its superficial.. ima keeep em fiorver.. esp december 07 dolly.. or at least one particular article..xoxo.. my precious.. yeh..

  3. hehe well i said my teddy bear from when i was like 3. i rekon a phone isnt important, i could live without mine even though i live on it!! hehe gege has a gay bible!! hmm maybe it knows josh and mr murray yeh?? ill ask him..

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