And this little piggy…

Am i the only one that didn’t realise the first little piggy wasn’t going shopping? In the nursery rhyme this little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, i mean. When you’re five, market obviously means SUPERmarket, not the slaughterhouse. How was i supposed to know the poor little piggy wasn’t going to burst through the door at any second, laden with bags full of dinnery goodness? No wonder we western societies are such big meat eaters if we are teaching our young that piggy’s go off to market… and don’t come home. What’s worse than the first little piggy is the third little piggy that ate roast beef. He’s a pig. Beef are cows. Pig’s do not eat cows. The only thing that would be worse would be if it was this little piggy ate roast pork. I don’t believe the hidden meaning behind this innocent nursery rhyme. At least the last little piggy goes wee,wee,wee all the way home. Although, it’s probably escaping from the market too….

Love and poor little piggy’s,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. 33 days till Christmas!


9 thoughts on “And this little piggy…

  1. YEh thats pretty mysterious bout wat’s behind the nursery rhymes…..i mean what a bout jack an jill? that nursery rhymes a bit nasty, he gets his head cut off! (the tru meaning) OH and i forgot that one bout that goes like THIS: mary, mary, quite contrary how does ur garden grow? with silver bells and cockel shells and pretty maid all in a row!……that one has sumthing to do with cutting off heads! i wonder ho originally wrote all those lil poems! bella xo

  2. You know, not only have I never thought about that (and am now rather disturbed), I also have never been told about that …I feel scarred. Not to mention sad and generally concerned …Interestingly, there could be a case for pigglies eating calf. But I agree, it is unlikely they would eat beef (as adult cows are rather sizeable, generally). However, they do eat sheep, of that, I can disgustingly assure you!

  3. hehe thats funny!! we grew up thinking that piggies liked going to the market and gettin food to eat, when it turns out the piggie is the food the people are eating!!so mean. and piggies do not eat cows!!! thats just not right. i am going to change the world and make up a new nursery rhyme, that doesnt involve piggies gettin killed and jack getting his head cut off.. im gonna make a difference!!

  4. I'm afraid a lot of these alleged deep meanings are bunk. Have a look at any serious academic work on folklore, in a library (NOT the stuff on the internet). There are a few things which are not quite nice by modern standards but the real question is why people find the idea (of nursery rhymes being full of hidden evil) so attractive. I used to believe this stuff myself before I read real folklore studies.

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