Free rice…

The totally fabulous Bella told me about this blog. It’s called freerice and what you do is guess the meaning of a word and for every word you get right they donate ten grains of rice to the United Nations. It’s that simple. And it’s weirdly addictive. Here’s one i just got: Puerile means?? I bet you guys have no idea. Well, neither did i but apparently it means immature. There are some easier words and some words that leave you thinking ‘What the…’ Go on, give it a go, even if it is just for the rice…

Love and weird games,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. 34 days till Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Free rice…

  1. i just wanna say I LUUUUUVED the special mention of !!!!!!ME!!!!!! in this post george! really, i think they shud be regular! hahaaaa! yeh im so glad i spread the word so that u can spread the word so that ure frends can spread the word! get it??? SPREAD THE WORD!!! (bout freerice i mean!) hey has any1 got past 2000 yet? luv bella xo

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