Untitled post…

This post doesn’t have a title, because well, it’s about not having a title. It’s about being rad enough to say ‘I don’t need a title to be a proper blog! I’m going to get out there and stand up for all the other untitled posts in the world of posts with snazzy titles like ‘my bath just overflowed’ and ‘today is Monday’.’ It’s about being different. How weird would it be if your name was anonymous? You would get credit for all the random things nobody wanted credit for. Or maybe you would get credit for the random things that people forgot to put there name on. Like seriously, every time there is an assignment or a test in class, there is always at least one that nobody puts a name on and, after being held up a few times, it gets labelled anonymous. It must get annoying for the people that the things belong to though. It’s not their fault they’re forgetful. Or have you ever noticed on school camp when they hold up lost property there is always one lonesome pair of undies that no-one wants to take credit for. They’d go to anonymous to. If anonymous was, is, or ever will be a person, i’m sure they’ll have quite a collection of tests, poems, quotes, assignments and… undies.

Love and being anonymous,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. 43 days till Christmas!
pps. this post is dedicated to all the forgetful people that leave their names off tests and leave their clothes in bathrooms. Without you, this post could not have been written.


7 thoughts on “Untitled post…

  1. I actually get that post! hahanot like that god 1…lolThat post was bootiful.. it reminds me of wen on camp in yr 6 and ther was undies girls undies outside the boys room.. that was funni!But ita those little things in life that mean nothing.. can actually mean something realli important to other ppl..hat wuld be awesum if ther was a person called anonymous.. we shuld search him/her up on myspace…lol

  2. no charlii we should MAKE them a mys[ace.. and they werent just girls undies theywere pink and they were actually in the guys room.. i name my posts after song lyrics or movies lines.. somtimes htings like ‘im too tired to think of a name rihgt now’ thats wen im not listening to music or cant think of enithing.. intry not make them at all related to the topic of the actual post but sometimes i do.. like ‘use the force’ and ‘ may the force be wiht u’ or one about britney named ‘its britney bitch’ coz thats at the start of gimme more..xoxo.. toongen..ps Charlii actually understands?? lol..

  3. hmm that would be awsm as if there was a person called anonymous.and you are so right toong. we should make them a myspace!! lol that would be mad.Im so proud of you george standing up for the little people!! that is like so nice!!hmm most times at school camps the undies they are holding up are mine.. whoops!!but its ok. you know you get over that kinda stuff..ohh and guess what?! its so exciting>>>>>>its my birthday in 14 days!!! yay me!!lol seeyas

  4. My name is savoury banana and i have forgotten why i am here. Just kidding. I would contend that while, for many, forgetfulness is not their fault, i think my forgetfulness is much more about laziness!Also … I have never lost a pair of undies on a school excursion – but like anyone would ever own up to that!

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