Thank you for (not) smoking…

I was IGA today when a lady walked past me and i got a lung full of smoke. Whoop-dee-do you’re probably all saying. The only reason i even payed any attention was the lady was 8 months pregnant. I know this lady and i remember back in netball season standing and watching as every week her belly grew, and seemingly so did the number of cigarettes she smoked. I don’t care if she wants to kill herself, go for it, but i do care about that poor defenseless baby, that doesn’t even have a choice whether to be infected with cancer causing chemicals or not. It’s not just pregnant women smoking that annoys me, it’s people smoking around children, in cars and in homes. Ok, i know it’s none of my business but i just can’t stand smoking. It’s so stupid that the only reason smoking isn’t illegal is because the government makes too much money. They’d rather have thousands of people die instead of losing some money. pathetic. No body in my family smokes but some of my parents friends do and it’s just so *shudders* why would you do it to yourself?? My science teacher quit smoking this year. We were doing a unit on health and your body and she said she had quit five months earlier. What amazes me is for the past ten or more years she has taught kids about the dangers of smoking, while still smoking herself. I suppose it was just to hard to quit. I don’t care if you smoke now, or if you have in the past but please promise me, you won’t take up smoking now or in the future. Please?

Love and no smoking,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. 44 days till Christmas!


5 thoughts on “Thank you for (not) smoking…

  1. i totally agree with you. smoking is so gross!!! and i just dont see why people would want their lungs filled with tar and other feral stuff. like are they thick or somethin.. spceially when they have a little bubby in their belly!! that is twice as stupid!! poor little baby. and btw i saw her too and i thought the exact same thing as you.and also btw charlie you dont say someones name if you are writing about them.. tool. lol

  2. While i wholeheartedly agree that drugs and alcohol are not necessarily the greatest for babies, etc, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.The most important thing to keep in mind is that addiction is quite a difficult thing to break. It seems it is more difficult for women than men (at times), but I digress.The trauma the body goes through when trying to rid itself of a substance it is addicted to (not to mention the trauma the brain goes through trying to break the habitual aspect of an addiction) are really quite extreme.In the case of smoking, you’re talking about going from upwards of 4000 chemicals with a cigarette, to significantly less without. And while nicotine patches (and other replacement products) might aid an individual, they only provide a medical dose of one of those 4000 chemicals – and as much as it shouldnt be, a smoker’s body is addicted to ALL of those chemicals.To remove all of those chemicals right at the start of a pregnancy can place the baby through more trauma than just reducing smoking may cause (note, not using particularly definitive language).The same thing can happen with alcohol consumption.Particularly in the first trimester of pregnancy, the foetus tends to be REALLY delicate in any circumstance. The general risk of miscarriage is extremely high (a friend of mine who knows something of this stuff said its about 80% of foetus’ miscarry in the first trimester – generally with no one being aware of them), do we really want to increase that risk?

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