The rumours are true….

At a book reading in America, JK Rowling has confirmed rumours that Hogwarts headmaster Dumbledore is indeed gay. You can read the full story here gaydumbledore. Fans have suspected this for years as he has never had a girlfriend or female in his life and he had a mysterious troubled past. I had never really thought about him being gay but now she’s confirmed it, it kind of does make sense. What do you guys think??

Love and book outings,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. 65 days till Christmas!

7 thoughts on “The rumours are true….

  1. mmm thats not so a big! i mean, its wat everyone expected, it kinda fits in with his character so im not feeling surprised….though to be honest i’ve neva really thought about wether dumbledore was gay or not, weird as it mite sound!!!! xoxo bella

  2. its the character, not the actual actor toong, so make sure u keep likin the old dumbledore…hes betta!!i thought that bout the counta too, also it sez how many peeps luv me, not how many visit my blog!! lucky we luv u all the same george……lucky, lucky, lucky!!! MWAH! xoxo bella

  3. oh k my head hurt just readin them comments!! i am so lost i have no idea what you are talking about but maybe thats because i dont read harry potter. or see the movies lol. so ill just pretend i know whats going on. ok?! seeya!!

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