November Dolly…

Finally, as promised, here is the November Dolly review. Delta Goodrem is looking very cool indeed in a plain black and pink singlet and a black beret. There’s a caption saying ‘biggest issue ever’ and even though the extra pages seem to be ads, it certainly is huge. Up first is Beauty and Fashion with a staff special ‘what we’re buying this month’. Some fashion features are ‘Geek Chic’ (somehow i don’t think this look will catch on), ‘Get shortie’ and ‘Impulse buys under $30 and $60’. In Beauty there’s an article on Delta’s hair, what’s inside Amy Pearson’s beauty bag, a feature on perfumes and a page on new looks for the price of a movie ticket. In the Dolly Uncut section the articles are ‘The sun gave me cancer’, ‘I attacked for being emo’ (i have the coolest emo song ever, remind me to post it), ‘i traveled to Russia with the Navy’ and ‘My parents were ice addicts’. The main features are ‘Boy friend vs Best friend. Who knows you best’, ‘Flying solo. Why it’s sweet to be single’, ‘Why so violent?’ ‘The secret life of you’ and a section called ‘if guys edited dolly’. In this section it has who boys would put on the cover (Jessica Alba, big surprise), what they’d tell us to wear (some very cute outfits!), they’d explain the rules of texting, they’d let us in on the five rules boys live by, they’d let us know what makes a good pash and they’d tell us all the winning flirting moves. It’s a good section but after reading it i’m glad boys don’t edit dolly. Next up is a dolly beach book with lots of swimmers, accessories and beauty looks for summer. There are some hot Adrien Grenier and Zac Efron posters following this. Some swimmer fashion shoots up next and a ‘pick your own mcsteamy’. In Dolly You there’s a day in the life of Dolly Workie, some art work and reader rants. The sealed section is ‘the secret to a healthy life’ and the usual advice. In Dollywood there’s stuff from the teen choice awards and the usual interviews and goss. Overall it’s a great issue of Dolly and well worth the $5.50 it costs. I give it 9.5/10 because there’s only so many swimsuit shoots i can bear. Definately buy it.

Love and reduced swimmer shoots,
frangipani princess xoxo

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