Going to see this movie was not my idea. I was all for going to see The Nanny Diaries but i was on the phone to my 14 year old cousin and our conversation went like this.
Me: What movie do you want to see?
Cousin: Umm i dunno what about you?
Me: I wouldn’t mind seeing the nanny diaries…
Cousin: Yeah, that would be good. So would stardust. Actually i want to see stardust.
Me: Why?
Cousin: It looks good and it has a reealllyy hot guy in it.
Me: Ok then. I’ll meet you there. Are you sure you don’t want to see the nanny diaries though?
Cousin: Two words. Hot. Guy.
And then she hung up. So anyway we went to see stardust. The general idea of the movie was that 150 years ago, there was a man who lived in a town called Wall. It had that super creative name because they lived next to a wall that was apparently the border into another world. One day this man decided he wanted to go into the next world and see if it really exisited. So over the wall he jumped and the end result was, he gained a son to a slave princess in the next world. Fast forward twenty or so years and you meet his son Tristan (super hot guy Charlie Cox), who wants to get married to a girl called Victoria (Sienna Miller) but unfortunately, she wants to get married to a guy named Humphrey because he drove a long way to get her a ring. One night, Tristan and Victoria are having a picnic and they see a shooting star. Victoria says she’ll marry him if he gets her the fallen star. And so it begins. At this time, the movie cuts to the land of Stromhold (over the wall) where the king is dying. This king has seven sons and one daughter. His daughter, Una, is Tristan’s mother but the King hasn’t seen her in years and she is believed dead. Out of the seven sons, three have been murdered by the other brothers and in this first royal scene, another one gets pushed out the window and plunges to his death. The dead brothers appear as ghostly forms and cannot pass over into the next life until the new king has been crowned. The king tells his remaining three sons that the only way that one of them could become king is to return the ruby to it’s normal colour. At this he takes a ruby necklace out of his pocket and it goes white and flies out the window, and he dies. It falls where the fallen star, Yvaine (Claire Danes) has landed and she puts it on. The movie cuts back to Tristan and he has used a babylon candle (takes you any where you think about) to get him over the wall to see his mother, at the last minute though, he thinks about the fallen star and ends up there. The last set of main characters are three witches who want the heart of Yvaine so they can be youthful again. The main witch (Michelle Pfeiffer), Lamia sets out to find and kill her. To cut a long and in some parts confusing story short, three parties set out for the one goal (well, Tristan is already with Yvaine and is trying to get her back to wall) and meet lots of obstacles along the way. Some of these are a pirate captain with a bad reputation (Robert De Niro) who is secretly gay and really sweet (his name is captain Shakespear. In one line of the movie he says when my crew hear shakespear they think Shake Spear, when i hear it i think amazing English Poet), the princes all manage to get murdered, Yvaine discovers if she crosses the wall she becomes rock and the witches take everyone hostage. I won’t ruin the ending but i will tell you it’s a happy one, if you think hard enough, i’m sure you can work it out. Overall i give it 9.5/10. It’s a really good movie to watch, even if it is confusing to explain. If you have nothing to do, go and see it, even if it is just for the hot guy.

Love and movies with hot guys,
frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Stardust…

  1. god that was confusing my head hurt thinking bout it :S but it sounds like a good movie… if i had any money i would go and see it!! but i dotn so maybe i will wait till it comes out on dvd… hmm im watchin tarzan. oh i see!! hehe lol georgie… so i better go i really wanna watch it!! cyaaaa! xoxo

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