November Girlfriend…

This review has been a looong time coming, sorry guys. This issue of girlfriend is a huge improvement on last months celebrity issue. A very retro looking Indiana Evens is on the front cover and the reality check is that it took four hours and ten people to get the cover shot perfect. With bright pink glossy lips and a hairband matching her bikini, Indiana is looking very cool indeed. The main cover colours are orange, blue, pink and yellow which makes it look very sixtyish. As usual the eds letter is on a cool pink page (i’m starting to get sick of the shade though, it’s been the same one for four months, maybe more) and this month Sarah talks about how hard it is to pick a covergirl. It’s a good read, it taught me something as well. I always thought that cover shots were easy to find. I guess i don’t know as much about magazines as i thought i did. GF’s columnist (sp?) Kathleen writes about creating the perfect mix tape and this month’s girl crush is Rachel Bilson. In glamouriser, there are four pages of celebrities wearing Australian designers clothes. An interview with Indiana comes next and if it’s anything to go off, she seems a really nice girl. In the style section, sporty chick, embellishment, straw hats, eye popping prints and ‘licorice all sorts’ (acessories in bright colours) are covered. Fashion ed Lisa’s column is on what inspires her (colour, magazines, music etc) and then the feature pages start. There’s a ‘real girl’ fashion spread with some readers in their best compliment grabbing outfits, and let me tell you, compliment is not what i would do to some of these. My favourite article in the whole magazine is one called ‘this is why your hot’ and it has heaps of reasons why it’s cool to be a girl (‘we get that chocolate is more than a food’, ‘we get to crush on heaps of different boys, and that’s just home and away’). Some results from a survey are up next. Only bother reading if your reaaallly bored. The next couple of pages are on train wreck celebrities and why they are self destructing. Interesting read if you still care about the Lindsay’s and Britney’s of the world. An article on what you can learn from your little sister follows. It would be good if i had a little sister to learn off… A boring next few pages follow with SMS school, are you in a text dependant realtionship, and mobile madness. Again, would be good reads if i had a mobile. In girlfriend gets real there is ‘being blind made me a swimming champ’, ‘i was drugged and raped at a party’ and ‘my brother has the mind of a five year old’. The your say page is on whether school should start later (hint: yes, it should!!). In beauty, beauty ed Sarah T writes how her (beauty) life changer after getting this job. It’s a really funny and worthwile (sp?) read. The beauty addict is pin up pretty and then there is some easy looks, modelled by home and away’s Jess Tovey. The next double page is on how you can become girlfriend of the year. One of these years i’m so going to enter (and win) this competition, but at the moment i have nothing to enter with. Bit of a bummer really. There’s the seasonly ‘Love to shop’ next. It has some good reads such as ‘style from a-z’, ‘meet your gf model finalists’ and ‘beauty blog love’. I would love this section more if the clothes they featured weren’t ridiculously over-priced. Boyfriend follows with Corbin Bleu (hotty number two from High school musical) being featured. Another one of my favourite pages in this months mag is in this section. ‘The charming Charlie Cox’ is all about, well, the charming charlie cox. I have the hugest crush on him since seeing him in stardust (i’ll review that for you tomorrow). Other boyfriend articles are ‘How to break up without breaking down’, ‘Guy Candy’ and ‘Keep your hands off my girl’. The sealed section is girlfriends sex-a-saurus and the usual advice pages. My third and final favourite article of the magazine is the first one in girlfriend guru. It’s called schoolgirl to covergirl. Baisically they’ve taken an average looking reader and done her hair and makeup, taken a picture, dramatically photoshopped it and turned her into a first class covergirl. It just goes to show, how much editing and work goes into one photo (btw, have any of you guys seen the dove evolution video. It’s a must watch, look it up on youtube. It is baisically the same as this article, but on film). In girlfriend book club the book ‘mag hags’ is reviewed and the author Lollie Barr is interviewed. I liked the look so i went out and bought it. I have to say, it is one of the best books i’ve read in a long time. It’s a must read if you see it in your library. The entertainment blog is on the nanny diaries and movies about babysitting. As usual, it is hilariously funny and a great read. All in all, even with the articles that had zero relevance to me, i give this month’s issue 8/10. Again, i’m sorry it took so long for me to review (holidays = zero computer access) and i’m sorry about the quality of my scanned in cover. If you haven’t already done so, you should buy this month’s gf, even if it is just the special mini edition ($4.95), which has been made as a promotion for the impulse mini range. I’ll review November Dolly and stardust tomorrow.

Love and relevant articles,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. 74 days till christmas

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