When i was six, i wanted to be a cheerleader…

When i was six, i wanted to be a cheerleader. No joke, i had it all planned out. I was going to finish school, move to Sydney and get a job at the St. George Illawarra Dragons rugby league club as a ‘flame’ (their cheerleaders). What’s even better than that, i had a super close friend who wanted to be one too. I kept this dream until i was about ten. At ten, i realised cheerleaders were generally ditzy blondes and you had to be at least kind of co-ordinated. My dream was shattered. Anyway the point of this story is that we change our minds on things as we get older. When we are little, we dream the impossible, wanting to become ballerina’s, fairies, racing car drivers and movie stars. As we get older, we realise these dreams aren’t always in our reach, and we think about other paths (teacher, truck driver, vet etc), although some people do ‘live the dream’ and become what they wanted to be when they were five. If they hadn’t, how would we get all the ballerina’s, racing car drivers, movie stars and… fairies?? So far in my life, i have wanted to be a teacher, cheerleader, fairy, princess, fairy princess, geologist, author, architect, gymnast, beautician and finally magazine editor. Please note, that list was in absolutely no order, other than the last one. As you can see, my mind has changed as i have changed. As a tomboy nine year old, a geologist was the ultimate career, but then when i was a girly-girl eleven year old, a beautician was the job for me. I cringe at some of the things that i have called my ‘dream career’ in the past, and i’m sure i’m not the only one that does. Time changes people. People change dreams. Remember that what you want to be now, you might not want to be in five years time. Who knows, you might not even want to be it when you wake up tomorrow. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t realised a dream you had when you were six years old, you’re not that person now. Honestly, can you imagine me being a professional cheerleader?

Love and changing dreams,
frangipani princess xoxo

8 thoughts on “When i was six, i wanted to be a cheerleader…

  1. heyy im abit like you george, i wanted to be a singer a teacher a rock star a guitarist a sports player a journalist and a author and i know i have absolutley no idea what i wannna be now which really annoys me!! hmm maybe i could still be a singer and a teacher and… the list of possibilities goes on… h xoxo

  2. umm h singers r SMRT!! and wouldnt singer n guitarist go unjder rock star??well i wanted to be a hairdresser like clare.. then thr a black hole and now i wanna be a mag journo.. and i DIDNT get that idea frm u ok.. also thr was the fairy princess crap.. and teacher but thy get paid near to nuthin n hav to put up with ppl liek that H n georgie who i go to skool wih.. i would rathjer get my eye tattooed.. xoxo.. toongen..

  3. wen i grow up i wanna b a ballerina!!!!! (and a mounted policewoman and a marine bioloigist and an astronaut and a cowgirl and an author and an actress and a chef and a surfer and a vet and a model and a photographer and a composer/musician AND!!!!!!…….A TELSTRA HOME MESSAGES ANNOUNCER……I’VE BEEN PRACTISING!!!!! “You have……1……..new……message: “blah blah blah”……message recieved on………wednesday…..14…….of…..July……at…….12.00……..PM……..to call back……..press 1………to delete………..press 2……….to send a text message……..press 5.” (THAT WAS A JOKE) xox bella………the………telstra……….announcer……….!!

  4. I wanted to be a train driver when i was 4.And you would be surprised how many smart cheerleaders there are out there.After all, if you watched Bring it On there must be some!

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