Confessions of a former screamer….

Don’t you just absolutely hate it when you go to pick a baby up and it starts crying uncontrolably? Of course, the second you give it back to it’s mum, it calms down and gets a huge smile on it’s face. It’s so unfair. All you want to do is cuddle an extremely cute baby and you get rewarded by a screech in your ear. At the moment, a lot of the teachers at my school are having, or have just had babies. They are so adorable all you want to do is play with them. The other day i was playing with one and it started to sob when i picked it up. I was offended. Why would a baby start to cry when it saw me? That’s just illogical! I was telling my mum about it in the car on the way home today and she said ‘Don’t get offended’. I then replied with a hurt tone ‘Why would i not get offended?’ She then said, ‘I wish you could go back in time to see yourself as a baby. Whenever i took you to school with me (teacher, not a teen mum) all the kids would run and want to hold you. I said of course they could but the second i held you out you would scream your little lungs out and hold on to me like there was no tomorrow. The kids would get so hurt and after a few months, they stopped asking for hugs.’ I sat back and thought for a moment. I knew that i never liked strangers holding me, but that i was a screaming baby to people that just wanted a hug! Who would have guessed?
I suppose the moral of this story is never let a crying baby offend you because for all you know, you were a screamer once too.

Love and former screamer confessions,
frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a former screamer….

  1. hmm i dont know how i was but i hope i wasnt like that!! my cousin used to do that but then i calmed her down and she likes me now hehe. but hey so she should i mean i am her cousin! shes a cutie though i love her… i was a happy baby i bet i hope anyways lolluv a happy baby h xoxox

  2. well, just for the record guys…..MY NEPHEW LUVS ME!!! (just recently met him) He will be crying, and i’ll pick him up and he’ll stop. Just like that. he doesnt smile yet, but i sure do when that happens!!! although i have ta admit thats not wif all bubbas….i think they see a bit of evil in me….i just dont understand….i mean…..ME? (evil laugh, MWAH HA HA HA!!!) xox luv the evil auntie bella!!

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