I’m not an artist. Actually, that’s the understatment of the year. It hasn’t always been that way though. When i was four, i won a drawing competition! You had to draw a picture of your dad and mine was just so fabulous they decided i would get awarded for it. Well, i got a fathers day package for my dad anyway. I’ve won numerous colouring in competitions in my day and my kindergarten paintings are quite good, if i may say so myself. I don’t know what happened between the ages of six and thirteen, but something did. I don’t know if it was fairies, pixies or just plain laziness but my artistic talent has disappeared. Gone. Never to be seen again. While everyone around me is busy making clay sculptures and paintings worthy of the local gallery, i’m stuck in art class with a bit of clay in my hand, trying to work out how the heck a koala’s nose goes. Life can be so unfair. Maybe one day i’ll wake up and my old talent will be back again, but until then, keep your work away from mine in the kiln…

Love and artistic talent (does someone want to lend me there’s?),
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. The pictured art work is definately not mine…

2 thoughts on “artist…

  1. lol dont worry georgie im crap at art too. our clay models should go in the kiln so they can blow up together!! my art thing is like a retarted little i dunno what it is!! but it is so so gay! at least u have a good art teacher i think mr. murray is gay like literally! ohh its scary! he likes cracks onto the boys eew na not really lol. at least u used to be good at art i never used to be! ive always been real bad at it!hmm well its a sunday and i am bored out of my brains!! i might go watch telly bye! h xoxo

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