Stinky Steers…

Have you ever noticed how much steers STINK!? I spent the ENTIRE day today watching and smelling steers. I think that show competitions for animals are cruel. They stick a ring through their nose and then pull them around in circles while it’s obvious the steers AREN’T enjoying it! As a reward for their great discomfort, they get killed! How would we like it if that happened to us? The steers don’t even get a chance to live… But back to my point. Steers smell and are annoying. I could have spent today shopping or watching movies, but instead i spent four and a half hours watching steers (that are on death row) parade around a fake grass ring. Not the best day of my life. Guess what i get to do tomorrow? Yep, you guessed it, watch steers? What more could a girl wish for? You want to know the worst part? We are in melbourne, and the steer competition is part of the ‘Melbourne Show” but it doesn’t actually start till Thursday, the day after i go home! How unfair!! I get to go shopping though, hmm it’s probably my parents way of bribing me not to scream at the steers..

Anyways I know i said i wouldn’t post today but i’m at the gorgeous bella’s house so i decided to be nice and give you something to read.

Love and spending your days not watching steers,
frangipani princess xoxo

ps. Hi GUYS! how cool is THIS?? im writing on frangipani princess’s post! just wanna say toong we both miss u….and h.. and everyone else!!
and she will be back at school on THURSDAY!! betcha cant wait to see her! ALSO! um soz frangi……but i think u stink MORE than the steers!!!!! Just joking! MWAH! xox bella


7 thoughts on “Stinky Steers…

  1. aww thnx bella i luv u!! and ia gree i kno these steers and she def stinks worse!! omg i had ther best night tho at the albion.. i miss u’s topo!! and u better be at skool on thurs!! ya kno my class had ms lewis for 2 periods and mr hodge for 2 perods 2dai.. and the lesson i didnt hav thm?? MRS PRYOR!! but i didnt hav rendoggs for music!! YER!! but mitch had to come to the pub too!!ahh well..xoxo.. bout animal cruelty.. theyre bred foir this.. im sorry but go buy a leather jacket or asumthin!!..(no dont thr hideous!!)

  2. ohhh toong we all know u loved mitch being there!! jokesi dont like animals they stink so im glad they taste good at leats there good for something!! i dont like lether jakets either hehe im a bit fussy HI BELLA!!! anyways peace out h xoxo

  3. Best not let Sunnybrae Aunt hear you saying that :PI figure, the good part about aminals being at show is that they are not being eaten. Besides which, my rule is once it’s named you cant eat it!I did hear a joke once, about how when there’s a slight breeze you could knock a vegetarian over!Perhaps you’re right, though, perhaps there is a better/less painful way to show aminals. Mebbe you could invent something and (in addition to your other talents) become a ‘bright spark’?

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