Since netball season finished a month and a bit ago, I’ve been slightly slack with exercise. Ok, extremely slack. I walk to and from school every day, and i do school ‘sport’ but other than that, nothing. I keep meaning to go for a run or go to the gym but i’m too slack. I’d much rather sit down and watch TV or write a blog. I’m surprised i haven’t put on any weight! I need something to motivate me. I almost forgot, i do martial arts once a week, if you can count that as exercise. I need to start swimming again. It just takes so much effort. Hmm, i should really go for a run now but it is SO windy! We do have our own double punching bag system and huge weight equipment, maybe i should go and do some now…
I just downloaded two songs from the Hairspray album. Best music ever! I would so get the album but i don’t have enough iTunes credit left. Oh well, i’ll get it another day. The best song is so ‘You can’t stop the beat’. So catchy!! Have any of you guys heard the music? What song is your favourite??

Love and exercising!
frangipani princess xoxo


3 thoughts on “Unfit…

  1. My two fave sons from Hairspray are Cotties (from the moton picture) and You Can’t Stop the Beat (from the original) the original You can’t stop the Beat is unbelievably better. Once you get it, you’ll know why. George, do u have a $1.69 on ure credit left? if so, goo get it…im telling u RIGHT now that it is NOT a waste of money!

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