Hairspray review…

Hairspray might just be the best movie ever. Better than mean girls better. Better than little miss sunshine better. Better than Kenny better. Even better than the notebook better, and thats saying something. It’s got the worlds coolest songs, the worlds hotest guy AND John Travolta dressed up as a girl. What more could you want? It follows the story of Tracey Turnblad who wants to be a singer/dancer on ‘The Corny Collins Show’. It’s 1962 America and People are not eqaul. Segregation is at it’s peak, especially on TV. The Corny Collins show even has it’s own ‘Negro night’ where only African American people perform. With a twist of luck, Tracey gets on the show and meets ‘Link’ (Zac Efron) and falls in love. Link has a girlfriend, Tracey’s arch enemy on the show Amber Von Tussle, but he soon realises how mean she is and falls for Tracey. Tracey makes friends with the African American kids and wants to make a difference. I don’t want to spoil the plot but i will say that you HAVE to see this movie. Ten out of Ten! Five Stars!! Must watch movie, even if you do just go to see Zac Efron. Have any of you guys seen it? Tell me what you think.

Love and amazin movies,
frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “Hairspray review…

  1. Im guessing u mean christian, toong! Hmmmm, well i know i’ve been planning to see it eversince it was first advertised! I got the soundtrack a while ago, and we did YOU CAN’T STOP THE BEAT for our showbiz finale! I’ll prob see it next week!(HOPEFULLY)

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