Paper, scissors, rock…

Paper, scissors, rock…

Ahh, the humble game that has helped pick winners for years. The only thing i don’t get is how the heck does PAPER beat ROCK? Rock is obviously far superiour to a flimsy piece of paper! Don’t bother telling me that paper covers rock, because duh! i get that! I just don’t get how rock doesn’t smash a giant hole in the paper! Every other match is perfect. Rock smashes scissors. If it didn’t, i would be worried. Scissors cut paper. Of course, what else are scissors meant to cut? But then we get to the totally illogical paper covering rock. HOW DOES IT WORK??!!?? Sure, paper does cover rock but argh! rock would so totally SMASH paper. I suppose rock can’t beat EVERYTHING! Lets play now. 1, 2, 3… Paper, scissors, ROCK!!
Love and rock conquering,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. as the gawjuzz bella just reminded me, there are HEAPS of ways to say the start of the game. The top three? Scissors, paper, rock. Rock, paper, scissors. and Paper, scissors, rock!!
pps. i’m going to see HAIRSPRAY!! tomorrow! i’ll review it for you tomorrow afternoon.

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