Long Distance Friends (LDF). The hardest kind. In my opinion, LDFs are harder than having a long distance boyf. Nearly all of my best friends live away from me, with distances ranging from 300km to 1200km. It’s not easy but it’s worth it when you recieve a full to the brim letter of information, a two page email or an out of the blue phone-call from them. At first, having an LDF is hard. You worry that they will make other, and better friends or that they will point blank forget you. I can say from experience, that since i moved here five years ago, all my friends from where i used to live and i have become alot closer. We don’t fight anymore!
It can be hard sometimes if you live away from your bestie. There’s no sleepovers or at school gossip sessions. Again, from experience (my two best besties live AGES away) it’s not as hard as it looks. Bella, (my bestie who comments on my blog) and i send a letter a week to each other and every time i go to melbourne we catch up. Laura, my other bestie from where i used to live and i love catching up on the phone and it makes seeing each other oh-so-much more special. Anyway, here are my top five tips for keeping a long distance friendship alive:
1. Buy a webcam. You can see each other without actually seeing each other!
2. Send letters. There’s nothing like ripping open a letter full of information from a far away friend.
3. Randomly ring each other. Nothing describes the feeling of getting a random phone call from an LDF.
4. Make time to catch up. Make sure that you see each other at least once a year, even if it means both driving to a city/town in the middle of both of you.
5. This one’s the most important! DON’T GET JEALOUS!! If your friend moves away, she’s bound to make other friends. Don’t get jealous of them! She will have a special place in her heart for you and if she is a true friend, she’ll never forget you.
Having a friend move away, or just having an LDF is one of the hardest things ever but if you can make it work, it will be so special just seeing them! Do you guys have any LDFs or tips for keeping a LDFS (Long Distance Friendship) alive?

Love and having LDFs,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. I got a comment from ‘savoury banana’, i have NO idea who this is (can you tell me??) but of course you can give out my URL! the more visitors the better! thanks for your comments everyone, keep them coming and stay rad!

2 thoughts on “LDF…

  1. omg i i had this frend in preschool(and b4 preeschool) called gabrielle.. she lived jst across the highway frm the kings AND her bdai was the same day as mine n janines so we always had joint parties.. with 3 cakes.. and then she goes and moves to ellin bank.. which is near gippsland i think.. we wrote eavch tuha soo many letters.. liuke heaps n heaps but then we kinda stopped.. and it just ended.. i been thinkin lately to send her a letter and see if she wanted to keep in contact..xoxo.. toongen..

  2. You TOTALLY got heaps of comments from me last night :)Like I said, Sunnybrae Aunt recommended I have a read! That’s a pretty easy guess on who sent me.And you’ve only met me once, so, not sure you’d remember me.Anyway, Kate’s the name.LDFs are definitely tops. I actually find its interesting being a member of a relatively small group and hearing all the different versions of the one event. Can be quite hilarious at times.The best bit, though, is that if you make the effort to keep in contact you tend to not drift apart as readily as you would if you were seeing each other constantly.Also, change (like someone moving schools in the area or, when you’re as old as me, one of you getting a job in a new location) doesnt impact as much as you’ve already incorporated your contact in your routine (which is a reflection of its importance).Top thoughts!

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