Yesterday i posted about scissors, paper, rock. ‘Savoury banana’ commented and told me that she believed the game to be from a Japenese game called jan ken po. I was interested so i googled it, and sure enough the game paper, scissors, rock is derived from a Japenese game Janken. It is believed to have origninated from a chinese game Suu Ken and a Japenese game San Sukumi Ken. Although, according to this, the game comes from Ancient China. The two games were most likely put together sometime in the 18th century and have been a popukar decision maker ever since. You would say Jan, Ken, Po! (like we say paper, scissors, rock) and then put out your choice on Po!. If it was a tie, you would do it again, but this time saying ai ko de sho. You can find out more about Janken here or you can play it here.

Love and foreign games,
frangipani princess xoxo

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