The raddest vegetable of all time, is well, the radish. What other vegetable clearly states that it is rad in it’s name and is pink? None! That is what makes the radish rad! Of course, the carrot is pretty cool, but rad carrots just don’t have the same ring. Both the radish and the carrot have broken out of the mould and refused to be green! No! they tell the world, we want to be pink and orange. No other vegies have such guts. What other vegies have dared to be different? Carrots aside, radish’s are just so rad. If only they tasted nice….

love and rad vegies,
frangipani princess xoxo

9 thoughts on “Vegetables….

  1. thm movies aint dumb!! and who cares about her name?? its a fucken NAME georgie!! and whot about the kis?? thy had a kiss like that on the o.c which i bet u htink isnt as rad either!! well i think we should just giv it a rest nad think wot we wanna think!! u think spidey is betta wit his upsodedown kiss and i think superman is better with his allround evrithin.. lets jsty leaver it at that bcoz uthawise neither of us would giv in!!xoxo.. hitnk of salad mix.. its purple and yua can get all sorts of diff coloured cauliflower..

  2. what bout BEETROOT!!!!! hey george i got msn!!! i sent u my addy!! ummm toongen i wrote u a comment of apology on the last post…..plz read it……I’M REALLY SORRY. luv bella xoxi now understand that it was gettin a bit tense between BOTH of u…..=(

  3. i dont mean to start another argument( and i hope i dont) but superman is COOLER not radder coz i dont like that word but anyways. carrots nd radishes taste bad but i do like how they are different like milly different in a good way!! lol anyway gotta go mum nd me are cookin

  4. On a lighter note than the comments … radishes rock!!!they dont taste THAT bad … if you are lazy and dont go shopping and they are the only vegetable matter in the house, they could be a LOT worse!!!Still, my fave vege atm is definitely the zucchini!I have to ask: do you mind if i give the address of your blog out to a few people? They’re fab, promise! Totally up to you, though :)Have a great weekendSav Ban

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