Don’t you hate it when your friends are being annoying? Of course, they don’t realise they are but on some days, their bad habits just drive you wild. I know i was annoying my friends today, i was saying rad instead of cool. They lost it with me and went and sat somewhere else, but personally i think their reaction was more annoying than me saying that corn-chips were rad. Today must have just been an annoying day. I was talking to another one of my friends and she was going on and on and on about how one girl, who i thought was her close friend was faking an ankle injury. I told her that what was worse than faking an injury for attention was talking about people behind their back. Needless to say, she gave me a dirty look and walked off. i was so annoyed. Annoyed must be the worst emotion ever. When you’re mad, people can tell that you’re angry, when you’re annoyed however only you know. Unless of course, your annoyance turns to anger which happens alot of the time. Sometimes you tell someone that you’re annoyed and all they do is agree with what the other person is doing, which annoys you even more. Annoy is even an annoying word. The top three things that annoy me are;
1. People talking about me behind my back
2. People with annoying habits (being very clingy/ bitching about people/only caring about themselves)
3. People leaving me out.
As you can probably guess from what i’ve been rambling about, my friends were annoying me today, but i was probably annoying them more. They annoyed me so much (well one of them did) that i didn’t sit with them in the last two periods. What annoys you guys?

Love and being rad… not annoying,
frangipani princess xoxo


10 thoughts on “Annoying…

  1. wen i started readin this i thought u were gonna say its annoyin wen ppl i think supermans better or sumthin(superman IS better).. i say rad now!! and they r annoying.. esp one of thos frends hu walked off.. she annoys me.. lots of things annoy me..but thn we were annoying milly wen we were arguing!!ahh well.. nuthin wrong with arguing over superheroes.. esp wen ya kno that superman is radder!!xoxo.. toongen..

  2. Hey…..WHAT ABOUT CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS???? HE’S the rad one!!! but Supeman and spidey are AWESOME!!!!!! ( and i spose rad!) WELL WELL WELL WELL! sounds like a bit of a bitchy day!!! can i ask who was THEY? the peeps who went sat somewhere else? u can email me if u want! and ummmm…..HELLO! “corn chips are cool” does NOT sound as good as “corn chips are rad!” and so HOW??? does that annoy peeple??? also george, im soz to say but i would tell my budz if a friend in my year was faking an injury to get attention…..though ure come back was JUST like the ones in the movies!!!! SMART AND QUICK!!! Oh! and toongen….i think u might be annoying George, she’s very sensitive bout this whole super heroe thing!!! I like superman cause he wears his undies on the outside!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAH LUV BELLAAAAA!! he he!

  3. OH TOONGEN!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO SOZ!!!! SORRYSORRYSORRYSORRY!!!!! i was joking i don’t think georgie’s REALLy upset but im SORRY!!! I KNOOOO U have feelings, i no she’s annoying u just the same…………..ouch. that hurt.

  4. OH NOOOOOO! i’ve done it AGAIN!!! i hope u dont that the feeling that IM HURT…i meant that WOULD hurt,… in i see how that was hurtful…..not that im offended with u saying u have feelings too………GOSH!……..FRICKEN IDIOT!!! (napolen dynamite)

  5. oh my gosh its chaos between use when im not commenting!! but im back now coz ive bin a good little girl!! hehe not really but my ban was over so yeh its all good and just incase ur wondering why i got banned bella its because i got sent to isloation at school and my mum threatened to send me to boarding school!! but its ok now… georgie im sorry if i have been a bitch but evri1 is annying me lately except like u nd milly and toong( and bella) so im sorry lol anyway ill be commenting again

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