Superheroes are rad…

Kapow! BAM! Kabam! Pow! Superheros are so rad! The way they save the world one bad guy at a time, amazing! We are studying ‘heroes’ in english and today we had to write a story about a real, or make believe hero. Everyone else did heart touching stories about how their dad is their hero or about people who save drowning puppies. My story was about SPIDERMAN! (Note, whenever i talk about SPIDERMAN! i write in capitals with an exclamation mark. Also note that my new word is rad.) Anyway in my story spiderman went to save a cat stuck up a tree but his costume was too rad for the cat to handle so it jumped out of the tree and broke it’s leg. SPIDERMAN! has turned a bit unco as he then gets caught in his web and gets stuck in the tree. Other than SPIDERMAN! superman is pretty cool… i mean rad. I mean, come on, anyone who has the guts to wear their undies on top of their pants must be pretty darn cool! I never really got batman. Like superman can fly, SPIDERMAN! can climb walls but what can batman do? He has the creepiest villians and he has the ugliest costume (that’s saying something! supermans is pretty embarrasing!) Baisically, SPIDERMAN! is the raddest superhero, followed closely by superman, catwoman (is she a villan?) and bat girl. Ooh i almost forgot one. forget SPIDERMAN! the totally raddest superhero of all time is… CAPTAIN PLANET!! (he’s so rad he gets TWO exclamation marks) *Sings at top of voice* Captain planet, he’s our hero, gonna take things down to zero….

Love, kapow and radness,
frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “Superheroes are rad…

  1. OMG!!! funny coincidence….today was our school’s official “be a super heroe day” !!!!!!! how cool’s that?? i came as CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!!! (THREE exclamation marks! he he!) I wore undies on my head, over my leggings and on my butt of course!!! i had to pigtails poking out of the undie holes and had ribbons tied in them….i had bits of colours everywhere and a black cape….and my converses of course!!! HOW FUN!!!!!! (i got a few odd glances!) OH!!! AND>>>>>>> i know ure SE-CRET, i know ure SE-CRET!!!! he he! i guessed! but i won’t say aloud coz i dont wanna spoil it!!! I’m DEFINetly gonna buy the December issue of dolly….h and toongen that’s where georgie’s secret is… the mag!!!!!!! WHOOO!!! luv u georgie!! Ps i got ure letter today so ima reply right this minute and post it tomoz!!! MWAH! bella xox PS> ima try starting a “quickasyoucan” reply

  2. omg i luv the captain planet song!! and superman is the best.. i repeat BEST!! superhero ever!!i agree bout batman.. also wit him superman has lois lane spiderman has mj and batman has robin..he has a BOYFRIEND!!also the phantom ispretty cool.. i read his comics every single year.. this yr i onli got one tho:( coz i get thm frm the show n giv the to daddy for fater’s day.. he is a big comic book/superhero fan!! sorry did i say fan i meant fanatic!!and bella.. me n h kinda knew the secret.. the dolly ppl sent her an email sayin thy wanted her to write an article.. didnt u get my comments about the december issue?? thats wot it was about.. she told us thn decided it was a secret..xoxo.. toongen..

  3. RADRADRADRADRAD!!! i’ve started saying it!!! BOOHOO!!!! i thought I was th eonly on ewho knew Georgie’s secret…..oh well, here i was thinkin i was pretty clever and all…..NUP! how GOOD is it??? thats SOooooOOOOooooO fan-bloody-tastic georgie! WHOOP WHOOP!!! soz toongen and h 4 thinkin u didn’t know…ure all very clever! MWAH luv bella!

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