My summer wish list…

As we all know (and you should if you don’t) spring means spring/summer fashions hitting shelves. Because i live AGES away from any (good) shops i was searching on supre online and found some totally TDF items that i am so going to buy, as soon as i get to civilistation. They are so rad i thought i’d share my top five with you…

1. A totally rad oversize tee.

2. A really cool oversize singlet/mini dress.

By now you might be able to see my obsession with rainbows…

3. A gorgeous environmental slogan shirt.

4. I’m loving this purple playsuit.

5. I love these forty’s style shorts but i’d get them in black.

These are just my top five from supre. I pretty much love all of their stuff but some things are a bit…. revealing. I’m also loving freefusions new range. Target just got a whole lot smexier. I’ll post a more intellectual post tonight. I just had to share the summer loving with you!

Love and fabulous summer fashions,

frangipani princess xoxo

ps. my speech went really well today. It went for 3 mins 50 seconds, 10 seconds under the maximum time. Everyone said it was really good!!

pps. i got the Norsca Sassi ‘Beach Breeze’. I was going to get ‘Paris Dew’ but they were sold out. It’s not as good as Rexona girl but it’s still fantastic!

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