Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed companies, especially deodorant companies, are making new versions of their products just for teens? When the new girlfriend magazine came out there was an ad and sample for rexona girl. I, being a subscriber didn’t get the sample so i went out and bought some because the ad was so good (below).If you can’t read the ad, it says ‘for when the self tan turns you a lovely shade of pumpkin. We know what makes you sweat’. It was so good! It had a gorgeous smell, much nicer than the other rexona ones and it left you fresh for longer. I got my new dolly magazine the other day and one of the first ads i came to was for Sassi teen by Norsca. Norsca is that deodorant brand that has the ad with the girl and everywhere she goes because she is wearing Norsca, there is a nice flowery field behind her. I have never had the slightest urge to by norsca deodorant before now but their (also cute) ad and pretty names like ‘Beach breeze’, ‘Paris dew’ and ‘Summer glow’ make me want to buy them as well. Even if i just buy it to enter their cool comp to win a day in my dream job (working at a magazine of course) and lucky for me, because it is a dolly promotion, working at dolly for a day is one of the prizes. I might buy th sassi teen deodorant today and i’ll tell you what i think. Do you think i’m more ‘Paris dew’, ‘Beach breeze’ or ‘Summer glow’? I don’t really see why they need to market special ‘teen’ products. I suppose that girls are more likely to buy things in cute pink packaging than in the other feralish rexona etc packaging.
Anyway, i’m off to have brekky before church. I might do another post tonight, if i have time πŸ™‚

love and cute smelling deodorants,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. Collingwood won last night! Woo Hoo!! Go collywobbles!

6 thoughts on “Teen…

  1. oh! trust bella to write sumthin like a question then answer it HERSELF, like everyone already had done as soon as the question popped into their mind’s….OBVIOUSLY, as seen in the picture if looked CLOSELY at, you CAN get the spray as well…..DUH!!!!mwah luv u luv bellaxox

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