October Dolly…

Like i said before, this issue of dolly must be their best one ever. The front cover background is bright pink with all the writing in black, white and pink. Jessica Alba is the cover girl with the heading ‘Alba Kazam!’. The front cover just makes you want to instantly buy the magazine. Six double ad pages follow, but they all look fantastic. Beauty and Fashion is the first section you get to in the mag. Articles include ‘Boho, only cooler’, ‘The $20 wardrobe’, ‘Cool by numbers’, ‘Girlie, Pretty’, Some cool new accessory trends, ‘The style rules for your body shape’ ‘The real reason you still have pimples’, ‘A week of perfect waves’ and ‘Overnight beauty fixers’. The dolly web goodies feature ‘Add to basket’ which is a rundown of some cool online shopping sites. The main articles are ‘Dealing with your she’s prettier complex’, ‘Would you watch bullying on Youtube?’, ‘How to have a dreamy relationship’, ‘Get your learners!’, ‘The backflip’, ‘Nervous around guys, try this trick’ and ‘The party mistakes trashing your hook-up potential’ In Dolly YOU there’s some girls who have made their own business’s, some girls and their besties and one reader rant on ‘Celebrity obsessions’. I think the author of this reader rant must read Girlfriend as well because a couple of months ago they ran a feature article on ‘Celebrity worship Syndrome’ that is uncanny to this girls short article. Seriously, even the facts are the same! The winners of the Dolly Beauty Awards are up next, most of the choices are good, but a few winners aren’t my favourite. Then there is a fashion spread on ‘Buy it now, wear it all summer’. It features some super cool clothes that i just want to go out and buy. Dolly UpClose is ‘Almost famous’. It has some daughters of famous people (Journalists/actors/singers) And how they live with their famous ‘rents. Not the best section of the mag. The world’s richest teens are next, don’t read this straight after a pocket money fight with your parents. A great read follows with ‘Nail polish, Bleach, Drano… Still think drugs are fun?’ A section on your future up next with some ‘What if questions’ (What if i fail an exam, what if i don’t go to uni etc) ‘A+ study secrets’, ‘To leave or not to leave’ and ‘School holiday job guide’. Fitness section is the ‘Love Workout’ which is baisically exercises you can do with your boyfriend. The sealed section is “Boobies, normal comes in all shapes and sizes’ as well as the usual advice columns. Dolly Uncut has ‘I travelled to Alaska to save the whales’, ‘I was 13 when i wrote my first book (this girl has been in magazines HEAPS lately)’, ‘Exercise almost killed me’ as well as ‘The best day of my life’ and embarrasing moments. In DollyWood there is some good celebrity gossip and some ace interviews with some totally cool bands/singers. The centrefold is Fall Out Boy but there are other cool posters as well. All in all, it might as well be the best $5.50 you spend this month, it comes out on Wednesday. I give it 10/10 and in my copy, half the pages are missing because they were so good i had to put them in my inspiration book/board. A definate must buy!!

Love and fantastic new issues,
frangipani princess xoxo

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