It’s that time of year…

It’s that time of year again. Finals season. Teams are battling it out for a spot in the much coveted top 8. All for the glory of saying they made the finals. Unfortunately, my team st george illawarra dragons didn’t quite make the cut this year. Actually, they were so far below the cut if they had lost last weeks game we would have been taking home the wooden spoon. I’ve always been a rugby fan but everyone here follows afl, my afl teams are collingwood and geelong. collingwood because my friends all go for them and geelong because tom hawkins plays for them. I’m pretty sure (Like i said, i don’t really follow afl) that both teams are in the finals, i think geelong might even be near the top. Correct me if i’m wrong though. Professional sport is such a cut-throat business. Selections are tough, training is tougher and games are the most important thing in the world. No time for friends and family, but of course there will always be time for drugs, alcohol and partying. I’m not saying that all sports stars do that, far from it, but it’s the tiny percentage that do that wreck it for everyone.

I bet you’ve all seen on the news how andrew ‘Joey’ johns (pictured) has been caught with ecstacy on him and then it got revealed that he’s been on and off depressed for years and had a ecstacy addiction for the past couple. And he was playing professional footy. Then of course, as always, there’s the drugs in the afl problem. The un-name able club that has been using illicit drugs. And they’re our role models. drugs are so awful and it makes the situation worse when people we look up to start using and abusing drugs and alcohol. We all know what comes next. Violence. The number of times i’ve walked in to watch the news and there’s been a story on professional sportsmen being in pub brawls and general fights…. it’s sickening. Why can’t they go through life without being idiots? I suppose the media and society in general do make a bigger deal out of it because they’re famous, but so should they. They need to learn that millions of people look up to them and if a little boy see’s (Sp?) his favourite footy player on the news for being in a fight and taking drugs, he might think it’s ok. I think they need to read ‘Being a role model for dummies’…. ASAP!

youth group was really fun last night and i’ve spent all of today doing homework. I’ve got three assignments due in the next week. So much fun. Tomorrow is our town show, which should be good if there’s rides there.

Love and being a good role model,
frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “It’s that time of year…

  1. ofr the record not ALL ur frends go for collingwood.. charli goes for the saints n i go for bomers.. even tho thy oidn shit this yr.. i think.. lol.. and tom does play ofr cats coz his dad used to.. footy is the onli sport i can stand watching and i dunno how u can watch rugby!! it is the gayest sport in the history of gay sports.. providing cricket n tennis rnt in the history of gay sports coz they ar GAY!!xoxo.. toongen..

  2. go george u actually kinda know some stuff about AFL ill correct ya though the cats are on top of the ladder so they are guaranteed to be in the finals and collingwood is 6th which means we JUST make the finals GO COLLIWOBBLES!! but there is something wrong with the geelong coach i think he has mental problems coz he never gives tom( my heroe) a game it is so rigged maybe he is the one on drugs not that rugby player! ino what u mean when u say that there is no time for families and frineds but heaps of time for drugs and alcohol like you always hear stuff about footy players getting charged for gay gang raping(scripture) or bashing some guy up its so weird.but i cant bag out AFL coz two of my heroes are in that game other one dale thomas. i just have one more thing to say:WHAT DOES (sp?)MEAN ITS STARTING TO ANNOY ME COZ I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS!! oh and one other thing:I LOVE U DALE THOMAS AND TOM HAWKINS!!!!

  3. (sp) means SPELL CHECK, as in if u don’t know if it’s the correct spelling u put (sp) after, then peeps know that ure not sure if u’ve spelt it right! i have nothing to say on the football/rugby topic. i am not a fan of either! luv bellaxox

  4. i basically agree wit bella bout nothing to say i just happened to kno a lil bout wot she was talkin bout.. usually i’d just be like’ya gay’.. even tho i luv gheorgie n she not.. H is wit her jam shirt..xoxo.. toongen..

  5. Hey there Frangipani Princess,Sunnybrae Aunt told me drop you a line!If you’re interested in the Drugs in Sport problem (an old debating favourite), there have been a couple of recent articles in the Sydney Morning Herald online service which look at some of the wider (and, perhaps, more humourous) implications.Dom Knight writes for Radar (if you go to the opinion pieces on the front page then hit the link to blogs) and wrote a piece on Joey Johns specifically. Lisa Pryor OpEds appear on Saturdays (click on the opinion heading on the front page on Saturday only though, weird) – and she’s written some stuff.Savoury Banana

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