make you feel better…

I heard a cool quote before and it made me think. the quote was ‘Calling someone ugly won’t make you more beautiful’. how true is that? we had a visiting play at our school today called the hurting game. It was really good and one of the issues it addressed was bully’s only bullying people because they have insecurities themselves. Teasing someone or calling someone names won’t get rid of your problems. It will give you a momentary burst of feeling better but in the end you will have made someone else feel like crap and you’ll still have your insecurities. instead of calling someone fat or ugly or a nerd, give them a compliament. Even if it is just that they did well on the last test, or congratulating them on an award they received they’ll feel better and so will you. Just think about it. Which would you rather have said to you, ‘you’re a fat loser’ or ‘ wow, you did super well on that test’ (Not said sarcastically). It just goes back to those old sayings, ‘Treat others how you would like to be treated’ and ‘What goes around comes around’ because one day, someone bigger and better than you will come along and then you’ll know how it feels to be bullied. It doesn’t feel good and we need to get along. Just saying one nice thing, or even easier than that, just saying hi to someone that you don’t normally speak to might make their day and i bet you’ll be surprised at how absolutely fantastic you feel. Go on, it’s a challenge. I want you all to say something nice, or just speak nicely to someone that you wouldn’t normally talk to. You’ll be amazed….

Love and saying nice things,
frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “make you feel better…

  1. thats tru but suim ppl r fat/ugly/nerds.. its just the way the world is.. u can class the world in two different ways.. 1.the weay they live:real upper clas-volvo/v-neck pullover-working class..2.looks: incredibly beautiful- attractiv-unattractive-ugly-disturbing.. btw fat goes into eni.. u can be fat n gorjuzz u can be skinny n foul lookin.. u can have gorjuzz bums and ugly models.. matter what ppl looks DO matter.. not so much to me but to people all over the world.. seriously would u like dean geyer if he looked like say congdon?? or milburn or reece?? get my drift??u can say all thjat’its whats on the inside that matters’ crap but thats just not tru in most cases.. sure u hav ur ugly betty’s but think how many celebs are gorjuzz.. paris wouldnt be nearlyv as popular if she were hideous..i think ive made my point..xoxo.. toongen..

  2. i agree with toongen the outside of people plays a part in what people think about you like what would we think of reece if he wasnt fat actually thats a bad example coz if he wasnt fat we would call him a nerd… tim garlick if i didnt think he was hot then i would have nothing to do with him! i mean honestly think about it. and no-one can be nice there whole life like evn emily says bad things about people sometimes and shes like the nicest person i know! toongen makes a good point though so just pretend that i wrote that aswell hehe…

  3. yeh.. sum ppl r onli good to sit thr n look pretty.. like u H.. lol nah i luv ya.. im very shallow somtimes so i hav alot to say on this subject.. i swear evrione i’ve liked has onli been coz thy hot.. sum ppl dont care bout looks hto..(charlie<3 harry stonnil/congdon etc.. adrianna ❤ mikka my mum ❤ my daddy[thats just my opinion]) but homestly if sum1 was ugly n foul lookin i wouldnt liek thm.. like sarah rowe.. i seriously cannot stand to look at her i kno that sounds mean but its tru.. i wont look at her therefore i dont talk to her or like her..bytw thats super super super awesum bout dolly.. im so so so so happy for u..xoxo.. toongen..

  4. And on the ugly betty show they’ve TRIED to make her look “ugly” by putting braces, glasses and bushy eyebrows on, but their all idiots, she’s a looker ANY WAY! far OUT why dof peeps think braces and glasses are “fugly” as they call it? i already have braces and yeah, i can’t grin so well but that doesn’t make me “fugly”!!!! least i hope not……=(but i believe everyone else’s comment have made really good points, would all u guys like the guys u like if they treated u like crap? if they made u feel bad every day? if they saw all the negative things about u and shoved them right in ure face?? i wouldn’t! i do agree that looks have a part, but if ure ugly and comfortable, that’s attractive!! and i also think we should take up georgie’s challenge, i’ll start by this: dear Toongen and H, u r the best commenters i have ever met in my whole life, i don’t know u personally but u sound like awesome peeps!!! georgie….where do i start??? well, it’s in the letter!!!!! soz to be so harsh but i don’t won’t ta spoil it!!!! im sending it tomoz, thurs. luv to all the fat and ugly and beautiful peeps in the world!!!!! bella xox

  5. im sorry if this is gettin annoying i hav a lot to much as we like to think that sef confidence is sexy(or smexidy if u like??) i belive that its the outside that mnakes u sexy and the inside that makes u great and luvable..i dont think thatys how it shuld be but thats just how it is.. and betty suarez IS unattractive.. imean its on purpose obviously but still.. its not the fact that she wears braces n glasses coz braces r cute n glasses can look HOT!! its the way they look on her and her eyebrows and her hair n her terrible fashion sense..amercia ferrera is absolutly gojuzz.. so is callie off GA siz e duznt always matter but looks unfortunatly do..and just for the record i DO get told i look like crap and im a nerd etc.. but i dont let it get me down.. do u now how many times this year ive been cvalled a bitch or a slut?? too many to count!! i kno im good looking(thats notmeant to sound vain) and i dont think just being smart makes me a nerd.. nerds r the ones who hang in the scariest place in the world and do for vareers with nasa or microsoft..self confidence duznt necessarily make u sexy but it makes u feel good and not care if ur sexy.. and thats what matters..if eni of this contadicts each other ims oryy and if i rambled too muich im sorry agen..xoxo.. toongen..

  6. ACTUALLY…..if u look at Ugly Betty CLOSELY, even WITH the fugley eyebrows she’s NOT UNATTRACTIVE!!!!! and when u see the same actor not in the ugly betty show she’s hot! so i don’t think ure looking close enough if u say she’s unattractive, her personality adds to her looks, she’s always smiling which looks pretty! if she was frowning all the time then yeah…but she’s not!!!!!! also i DO agree that the outside has a big part in making someone SEXY, but i know guys who are slightly good looking on the outside and very sexy on the inside!!!!!!luv bella xoxPS> i think it’s goood when u rave on toongen, ure interesting!!! MWAH!

  7. thnx bella i think ur pretty cool..if u read my thing closely i DID say that america ferrera was hot.. in case u didnt kno she is tjhe actress hu plays betty..xoxo.. toongen..

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