October Girlfriend…

I got my copy of october girlfriend in the mail today and it’s the ‘Made by celebrities’ issue. I don’t really like these issues (There’s usually one a year) because celebrities aren’t writers and therefore the level of writing goes down and so does the level of enjoyment. Definately some A list celebs writing for them but all in all, i’m glad there’s only one celebrity issue a year. Fergie makes the front cover glamorous and looks ‘Fergalicious’ according to the front cover caption. white, black and pink are the main writing colours but the metallic gold heading definately catches your eye. ‘Glamouriser’ has some celebs looking hot but down the bottom of the pages are pictures of other celebs and the commentry of their outfits from Go fug yourself. The fashion pages are filled with tribals and brights, especially sunshine yellow. Very cute. The under $80 is pin-up girls which features alot of red and strawberries. The veronicas ‘Fashion revoloution’ filled up the next double page spread but i can’t stand them so i didn’t pay much attention to it. Wardrobe update is the stripe dress and the guest fashion editor is Jodi Gordon. Her fashion ‘Blog’ is confessions of a shop-a-holic. My favourite article comes next, just because i love the guys that wrote it. It’s the Chaser’s guide to the election. Totally hilarious commentry on the main politicians for the up-coming election. Other articles include ‘Say goodbye to shy’, ‘Picture perfect’, ‘My most important role’, ‘Star bright (Another by the veronicas)’, ‘Pimp yo’ driving skills’, ‘Earth saver’ and ‘The guide to bailing gracefully ‘. In girlfriend gets real celebrities share their real stories, including ‘My mum has bipolar disorder’ and ‘I was a teen drama queen’. The beauty guest editor is Jessica Tovey (Belle off h&a) and bright pink and yellow are the main colours. Some good articles in their, but like the rest of the mag, not up to the usual standard. the fashion shoot Guest models are Indianna Evans and Mark Furze and the shoot is very floral and pastel. The sealed section is ‘How to talk about sex’. The rest of the mag is pretty much the same as usual, but it’s very disappointing that the poster they put in (Zac efron getting out of the ocean) is the exact same one dolly had in last months issue. Overall, if you have $5.50 lying around, go and buy it (It comes out tomorrow). If you’re a fan, buy it but don’t save up for it and don’t expect a killer issue. I give it 6/10 because there are some good articles and cute colours. Even if you do just buy it for the chaser article and the article dean geyer wrote…

Love and new issues,
frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “October Girlfriend…

  1. i LOVE chaser’s.. i dont like the one tjhat sings the songs at the end or woteva.. i luv chaz(is that his name??) ans yellow is the CUTEST colour ever!! even before pink which is my all time fav colour!!xoxo.. toongen..ps.. short n sweet comment.. lol..

  2. lol thanx bella hmm i was unsure about the new issue of girlfriend but now that i know that theres a poster of zac efron and stuff bout dean geyer i am so buyin it!! hehe newyas luv h xoxo

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