Killing people…

The other night my dad and i were watching the news. There was a story about an 80-something year old grandmother who had been bashed and left for dead. As the story finished my dad said ‘It’s stories like these that make me want the death penalty’. It made me think. I’ve never liked the death penalty. I’ve always thought it extreme, like why would we kill people who kill people to show people that killing is wrong? If you kill someone for murder, then aren’t you murdering them and therefore, with your rules, you should be killed. It’s a vicous (Sp?) circle. I always get sad when i hear that people have been sentenced to death. It’s such a waste of a life. Why should we snub out someones life because of one mistake? They could have been destined to be a saint, or a president or someone who could rock this world. The Bali nine (pictured) don’t deserve to die. It was a stupid spur of the moment mistake they made. Now they have no future, no hopes of a family, nothing. The death penalty is a life waster. It’s sad that in this day and age, it’s still around. What do you guys think?

love and stayin alive,
frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “Killing people…

  1. YesyesyYES! i’m the first to comment, im LOVING IT!! I GOOT URE ABFAB LETTER TODAY IN THE POST( well duh!) it was THE BEST YET!!!!!!! im not gonna send an update, i’ll just reply! yeh i think u have a point in this one, but there are SOME situations where it MIGHT POSSIBLY be acceptable. i mean, people who rape and kill children CONTINUOUSLY (sp) thats not just one kmistake in their life, u know?? i’m not saying it deserves death, but maybe a life sentence. (at least they get to live!) MWAH bellaxox

  2. i agree thr is no point to the death penalty.. it like wear.. its a bunch of ppl killing ppl to prove killin is wrong.. law is just a bunch of shit written to make ppl think thy can get justice..but i disagree bout the bali nine.. i dont it was a mistake they made.. i wouldve had to be planned so it couldnt hav been spur of the moment.. i kno sum1 whos bro is skitzorphrenic and he bashed his grandma to death coz she wouldnt giv him drug money.. but thn he went to the police told em.. yeh.. its thing like that tht i think r sad but the bali nine should just be locked up in high security n treated like shit..xoxo.. toongen..

  3. hmm…before i start will someone plaese tell me wat the hell (sp) means coz i got no idea what use are talkin about!! i think the death penalty is stupid and is just a way to get rid of people instead of teaching them right from wrong. i only think people should get the death penalty if they do something really bad like bashing a old lady like that dude did. i would say something bout the bali nine but i have no idea who they are either, im a bit slow you see lol well think of it this way at least people dont get their heads chopped off or get dealt with byt that guilotine thing lol anyways i best be flying ill catcha round honey love h xoxo

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