I’m a barbie girl…

Does barbie really encourage low self esteem? Do girls honestly want to be like her? Is barbie an image of perfection for girls? For me, barbie was just a toy that you could play dress up with and generally muck around with. Barbie was never anything more. Of course, i grew up and was over dolls before bratz were popular and myscence was even thought of. It’s a shock confession but i never owned a bratz doll. ever. I was reading the other day that barbie is to blame for lots of self esteem issues in tweens and young teens. I have even heard of one lady who had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery to look like barbie, and wait for it, her husband had the same amount of plastic surgery to look like ken. What kind of sick world are we living in? Barbie used to be a cute innocent doll that wore crocheted dresses and jeans but look in any toy aisle and you’ll see barbies, bratz and other such dolls dressed in mini-skirts, short shorts, midrift tops and fishnet stockings. What’s this teaching our kids? that it’s ok to dress like a skank because barbie does? I remember you used to (I’m not sure if you still can) buy barbie’s that had certain careers or life aspirations. Bride barbie, doctor barbie, horse riding barbie etc. Stuff career aspiration barbies, bring on the role-model barbie. She would be normal height and weight, wear practical nice clothes and not encourage skankiness in 6 year olds.

But barbie’s not for everyone. I was reading an article today in one of the sunday paper magazines that girls as young as six are ditching their dolls for the cooler online alternative. namely, stardolls. I’ve been on this site a few times. Baisically you make an account and can dress up celebrity paper dolls. You make friends and can send them messages. It’s myspace for pre-tweens. You can buy star-dollars and purchase new accessories and if you buy enough you can become a premium member and can have access to unreleased dolls. Let me tell you, the clothes you dress the dolls with are just as bad as what barbie wears. Barbie was first released in 1959, so almost 50 years ago. What to you think about the past generations, and generations to come of barbie girls?

love and role-model barbies,
frangipani princess xoxo

7 thoughts on “I’m a barbie girl…

  1. the reason some of those little kids wanna be like barbie, is not cause she’s so skinny, (6 yr olds HOPEFULLY don’t get anorexia!) but cause all those skanky clothes look good on her, aka, will look good on them. and now all those companies are making a MOTZA!! there’s Barbie, Bratz, and Myscene brands of clothes and accessories now!!! i’m glad i’m over barbie though, never was into Bratz and Myscene, like u i never owned one! xoxbella

  2. heyy george i was in love with all them dolls but she was never my role model and i never ever wore clothes like her i remember going to shep with my mum and i would throw a temper tantrum unless she bought me a bratz doll! but maybe thats just coz im a feral…lol i think its stupid that people are trying to encourage young girls to dress like skanks…its not right when i was little i would wear sandals and dresses with pretty flowers! hmmm… our generation is just full of skanks…not good haha i got an award at the vote count today lol anyways love u love h xoxo

  3. BARBIE IS THE BEST THING EVER(after me of course!!) i luv barbie so much.. i hate bratz they lil sluts!! so are divastarz n myscene.. thrz a myscene doll called barbie.. at least on the web site.. like H i wore pretty dreeses n shit.. i neva got pulled into the 8′ tall skinny blonde sterotype.. think of malibu stacy off the simpsons ‘dont ask me im just a girl hehehe’.. that is outrageous!! barbie is nothiin like that.. and she nevere will be.. barbie is the best..xoxo.. toongen..ps.. eleanor had shopping trolley barbie..

  4. yeah, i noticed!!!! it used to be just me but it’s god that u and h have come! georgie’s blog needs more attention, it deserves it!! MWAH, luv u georgie, and toongen,and h!!!! bella xox

  5. true, I never wore those skanky clothes, it’s like the kids younger than us do, but not all of em. i SPESHIALLY liked those sparkly plastic sandals when i was like four, but i wouldn’t wear em now. funny how fashion changes, maybe u should write abou that one day george?? hmmm………..i cant WAIT till ure letter…im bouncin!!

  6. omg ther i gonna be a barbie movie marathon.. butsept it on pay tv.. i oli ogt free to air.. 😥 el was sayin bout it coz its just soo increibly awesumm..ramblin agen..xoxo.. toongen..ps.. bella if ur readin this.. i think ur pretty cool..

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