BANG!!! and the worlds created. Do you guys think that’s how it happened? I’m a christian. I go to church, read the bible and try to live life in God’s way. I believe that God created the world in 6 days (Well, 7 but on the 7th he rested). I just think that if we were all created out of a bang, we wouldn’t be unique right down to our finger tips. We would be clone like and everything would be repetitive. It’s my personal opinion but if you just look around and see all the uniqueness and beauty, it’s hard not to think that something bigger, and better than all of us created everything. Next time you’re outside, watching a sunset or just randomly noticing beauty, think to yourself, could this really have all been created in a giant accident of the universe?

I get to go to albury tomorrow. My mum’s going to sydney and i decided i’d tag along, as far as albury. I have to buy some new saxophone reeds anyways. Pizza night tonight was heaps of fun. They even made me a special pizza without ham. I’m totally full now though. I think i did really bad on my maths test today, it was nothing i studied for and i got a bit confused. Oh well, everything happens for a reason and if i don’t do exceptionally well, i’ll know for next time what to do.

Love and believing,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. don’t forget to watch home and away tomorrow night, the major car-crash that we’ve been promised all week is finally going to happen. There WILL be a death. I wonder who it will be. Any thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Banggg!!

  1. i beleive in the big bang.. i dont think that the stroy of creation in the bibkle could be true.. i mean.. think.. if there was onli 1 man n woman(adam n eve) thn how do we get black ppl n nips n really black n white.. AND with the story of cane n abel.. cane killed abel n went off to the land of nod where he got married.. thy r adam n eves onli children in the bible.. so either cane was inbreeding.. which is gross or thats not really wot happened.. and how could u create all that in 6 days??with the big bang theory it took millions of years for the earth to form n thn millions of more years for evrithin else.. i think its more realistic..but tht dont mean science can solve evrihtin..xoxo.. toongen..

  2. I believe inn the big bang too!!!! how could mary be a VIRGIN and have a son, jesus. it’s scientifically proven that that’s not physically possible. Also, georgie, u say in ure post that if u look around this beautiful world and see all the beautiful things god must have created it (or something along the lines, u get my drift) but there u are wrong! (soz bout that) OUR part of the world is beautiful, and yes the sun setting IS a beautiful thing to watch, but what about the third wirld countries, where people die EVERY SECOND as a result of no food, no clothes, no where to sleep?? Where’s the god in all that??? xox bella

  3. i agree wit ur frend bella.. i mean.. unkless we go back the whole god the rapist idea(charli!!) how the hell coyuld she get preganant.. n think why we gav up 40 whole hours of eating time.. so ppl could eat!! if god made this whole world soo damn good.. wot happened thr.. hmm maybe he put all that goodness into me..xoxo.. toongen..

  4. haha tonng u tool im sure all gods goodness is in u lol na i luv ya…i rekon the big bang thing is good too but i rekon we were borned by the monkeys and stuff and for proof of that look at andrew arthur his ears is big like monkeys! and boys they are gross and they stink and stuff…just like monkeys!! see i got it all worked out lol im so good haha im gorgeous ino… love h xoxo

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