forty hour famine…

The forty hour famine starts tonight!! My friends (H, milly, charlie, toongen, em and julz) are sleeping over tomorrow night and we are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!! I think charlie will cheat and eat tomorrow at the footy, h, milly, toongen and julz and i will rock and not cheat and i don’t know about em. We are going to watch movies and go crazy. Oh, and we get to feed the cows in the high school ag plot. Three words. So. Much. Fun. Apart from being a great excuse to have a party ( And an easy LIMS complex task) the forty hour famine is such an easy way to help people less fortunate then us. $40 helps feed 8 kids for 1 month. It’s that easy! I don’t know who came up with it, or how many years its been running, but the people at world vision seriously need a medal. If everyone in my group raises $40 that’s $280. Ok, i’m not a maths pro, but i think that feeds 8 kids for 7 months. Even though that’s only just over half a year, it’s half a year where they won’t have to worry about where their next meals coming from. Next year, i want HEAPS more people to say that they’re going to do it with me. It’s so easy to, as their motto says, do something real. Remember, it may be hard for the weekend, but that’s how they spend their life. Lets all get together and help the kids in Laos!!

love and doing something real,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. i won’t be able to post again until sunday, unless i get time to do another post tonight. Subscribe so you can see when i’ve updated.

4 thoughts on “forty hour famine…

  1. yay!! me nd u nd charlie nd milly nd em and toong are doin itSO MUCH FUN!! yay!! i cant wait it starts tonight im so excited hehe love u love h xoxo

  2. omg i hav stopped eating like jst b4 8 n im already hungry.. thts y i came on here to get my mind off it..we r gonnna hav an awesome time!! especially feeding the cows!!(im soo excited!! woo-hoo!!).. can u hear my sarcasm frm those whole few blocks away?? lol..nah we gonna hav fun.. hmm i dunno about how u sed 8ima not chea.. im not sure.. ill try not to.. ah well.. at least it not a home game i eat heaps at the footy.. lol..xoxo.. toongen..p.s ive already raised at least $25.. plus theres the rest of my fam to donate.. im awesome..apparently dan n rob donated $100 so that is AWESOME!!

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