Everyone loves gossip. It’s a fact of life. I probably like to gossip a tincy incy wincy bit more than most people, but with the amount of time i spend talking, you have probably already guessed that. Most people (Including me until recently) think gossip is just a harmless bit of fun, but in reality, it’s not. Gossip is back stabbing, it’s awful. It’s bullying and we need to stop! would you like it if you found out that someone had been bad-mouthing your clothes? would you like it if you found out that someone had been spreading a rumour that you were going out with the class ‘Intellectual’? No, i bet you wouldn’t! That’s what you’re doing to other people when you spread rumours and bitch about peoples looks/clothes/voice. As of right now, i’m going to stop spreading on rumours i hear and if someone tells me some gossip, i’m going to change the subject! Who wants to stop gossip and make the world a nicer place? I do! Will you do it with me?

Sorry i haven’t posted for the last couple of days, i’ve been so busy! It was my brothers birthday yesterday and on tuesday i had netball training and my flute lesson. Also on tuesday i started learning the saxophone! how cool is that? i’m still learning the flute (I got a ‘B’ in my exam! YAY!!) but i’m going to learn the sax as well. So far i can play 3 notes (G, A and B) but i squeak ALOT! it’s heaps of fun though. The forty hour famine is on this weekend, i have a sleepover planned and 6 people doing it with me. It should be heaps of fun. We also get the added bonus of knowing that we’re doing something to help the world and the fight against poverty.

Love and saying NO to gossip,
frangipani princess xoxo

5 thoughts on “Gossip…

  1. do u kno how hypocritical tht sounded?? u like gosip lots but its gotta stop?? wtf??but think wot wuold we talk about if thr was NOTHIN goin on thr wit jord n ricki?? or charlotte n jerem?? or jst charlotte for tht matter?? the ‘next level’?? seriously.. we wouldnt tlk bout enithin.. off subject i hav the CUTEST utest cutest neice in the entire world( get this: even including MY aunties.. meanin im cute..)i swear by the moon n the stars in the sky.. i swear by th shadow thts by ur side.. ill be there.. not really i jst rambled on a bit. but seriously.. i swear tht i could write entire blogs jst commentin on urz.. hey would u care if i done like a response blog thingo?? jst responding to urz?? tht’d be cool.. i would jstramble on about myself sooo much.. i’d put a BIG thin sayin to read urz coz its jst a response n shit.. omg i am a genius!! but i’d probli be too lazy 4 tht.. hey do u hav my number to txt me wen ya get home on sat??xoxo.. toongen..

  2. Hey georgie!! i reckon gossip is okay, but the nice kinda gossip like “ooh have u heard that blah finally asked blah out?” how else would u know bout things?? but i no what u mean bout the bitching, shame girls come with a tag that says “beware, im a girl, i bitch!” but bout u and the SAX!!! WHOAA! yayyayayayayayayay!!!!!!! we are now OFFICIALLY sax budddies! woohoo! looking forward to ure letter, luv ure sax bud!

  3. hey george!! i cannnot wait till saturday satyrday i get to spend the entire weekend with my besties and jayde my bestest bestie( if that made sense!) its gonna be so much fun…u cant stop gossiping! that was like myz and milly nd me and charlie who were gossoping about sciffer and miss ritchies ex bf gossip SO SO should not stop i agree with stopping the bitchy gossip tho thats just not nice! hmmm intersying little blog bout toong lol she duz ramble alot tho hehe well i will cya 2morro at school when we have a boring day! love u love h xoxo p.s u SO SO SO have to show me ur saxamaphone!!

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