tween queens…

I was flicking through a sydney paper yesterday and i came across a disturbing article. There was a picture three 11yr old girls. One was holding a blue top up to her chest and had an expression of ‘what do you think’ aimed at her two friends. The article was about the multi-billion dollar ‘Tween’ industry. I have just left the tweens behind and become a teen, and i swear that two years ago when i was 11, nobody my age wore make-up, revealing tops or really even bras for that matter. This article rhubarbed on about how girls are wanting to look and feel ‘more grown up’ younger and so companies are designing products, sometimes exact replicas of those in adult sizes, for these tweens. With the role models they’ve got, who’d blame them. Seriously, has anyone seen barbie lately?? She wears clothes that are just a tad revealing and her accessories are just slightly tartier than the barbie with horses i remember playing with. Don’t even get me started on bratz dolls. The article then had an interview with two of the 11 year olds. Both were models and listed their interests as, make-up, straightening their hair and shopping, especially at supre. If this is what the girls are like at 11, what are they going to be like at 13? 16? 18? 21? If society keeps going the way their bringing up the next generation, i’m sure that there will be just a few teen pregnancies and spoilt brats. Don’t get me wrong, not all kids in this age group are ‘Tween queens’. I still see lots of girls that are 9,10 and 11 climbing trees and kicking the football, but i see, and hear of more reading magazines, obsessing over their looks and crushing on ‘Hot’ boys. I know i’ve done a post like this, ‘little kids’ but after that article i just had to share my opinion again.
I promised my friend victoria (toongen) that i would talk about her. Well, she misses alot of school, is one of my only harry potter liking friends, is in a family with seven kids (i think) and she’s heaps of fun to be around. She’s also doing the forty hour famine with me. Oh and laura, have fun walking on sunshine, but live with the fact that i’m sliding on rainbows and you would be too if we were together!!!!
Love and no tween queens,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. i have my blog email address on the side. Email me with post ideas, feed backs, shout-outs or general messages. Yes, the three s’s in princess are intentional.

3 thoughts on “tween queens…

  1. i dnt see enithin rong wit tween queens.. u obviously didnt go to primary skool wit me.. i was a bit of a tart.. well accordin to ur blog i was.. but i dont think i was.. hmm it was wen i was 11 tht simon made comment bout melanie tomlins boobs bein bigger thn mine or sumthin.. thrz nuthin rong wit 11 yr olds wearin makeup or caring bout thr looks.. ive always cared.. probli coz i always stayed wit clare n used he makeup n shit..eniwayz.. my fav part of tht enitre blog is the bit about ur frend toongen.. she sounds awesome.. n its not her fault she misses alot of skool.. unless u couunt her cuz’z sudden death as her fault..ah well.. xoxo.. toongen..

  2. i hate them girls who are younger then me and have the latest trends and boyfriends and they wear make up and think they own the joint…newsflash there not lol love h xoxo

  3. yeh but thn ppl in like yr9/10 htink the same bout us.. if u were younger thn thm u’d probli think thy were pretty cool.. its jst coz we grown since we wee tht age n we kno tht thy young n gay..xoxo.. toongen..p.s I”M all that..

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