Well, it’s friday again…

I’m home sick with a cold today. Well more like a flu than the cold. I probably could have gone to school but i had 2 periods of sport so i decided that a day spent watching corny american daytime soaps and trawling internet blogs was better than one spent in sport, history, english and maths. I was on i can has cheezburger again and decided, well just coz it’s friday again, to post a few more cute cats 🙂

Has anyone else noticed how fast time is going? It’s almost half way through august already! It’s pretty freaky that in a couple of months i’ll be in year eight…. What are you guys doing this weekend? i’m going to wagga to see my grandparents for my brothers 16th birthday. They have 2 new puppies as well, i can’t wait to play with them!!

Love and friday’s,
frangipaniprincess xoxo

3 thoughts on “Well, it’s friday again…

  1. Hey Georgie!Omg your serious? I have the flu as well!! Scary lol .. I went to school though today and came home sick halfway through the day, and finally found time to post a blog on my blogspot.com page and read and comment on yours! I love reading your blog! By the way the cats are soo cute! =] . And yeah time is going so fast its scaring me!! I’M gonna be in year eight! Me, the most immature person ever lol!! Hooray! Comment on my blog .. Took forever to finish typing that entry lol! I’m trying to blog everyday today .. about nothing in particular, just about whatever happened that day and other random stuff that springs to mind lol! love reading your blog, and I’m definitely going to martial arts nxt wednesday! seeya gee-gee lol xoxox

  2. nice picz.. tht jazz hands onee is soooo cute.. u r a lil wagger!! ur not sick.. ill believ u wen i see ya 2moro n ur eyes r all puffy n red n ur snezzing evri 2 sec.. lol..xoxo.. toongen..

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