September dolly…

My september issue of dolly appeared in the mail today! YAY! and while non-subscribers will have to wait until wednesday to purchase the mag which has a stylish rhianna as the cover girl, i can tell you that it is well worth the wait. After months of blonde dolly cover girls, and many outraged comments on brons blog about the lack of other hair colours, it’s good to see a black haired beauty gracing the cover. The main front cover colours are green and pink and it has a vibe that makes you want to read it. Flip the magazine over and it has a ‘formal special’ that takes up thrity pages. Open the magazine and you get a bit of a spread on the dolly teen choice awards, the rhianna workout and a 57 page beauty and fashion section. Denim is going to be a huge trend for spring, if any of the fashion pages are correct. The main fashion articles are ‘we want to marry washed out denim’, ‘bling, bling it’s gold and silver calling’, ‘make me look like daisy lowe’, ‘Prolly the best denim workbook’ and ‘best friend style swap’. Onto beauty and the first article is brainer beauty’ with excellent beauty tips, that require little money and time .Then theres some super sweet looking beauty layouts with the title ‘sugar high’ and featuring lips, nails and eyes. The ‘Real girl’ stories this month include ‘i was shot by my own friend’, ‘i’m teased for being to skinny’, ‘i worked in a war zone’ and ‘we beat boys at their own games (stories about girls doing boy sports’. Some boy stories are next with ‘are you on his radar’, ‘what guys notice about you’ and ‘he dumped you because’. 15 celebrity health and fitness tips fill the next two pages and then there are the results of the real girl survey that surveyed 4000 11-18 year olds on everything from boyfriends to pocket money. Some celebrities reveal how their biggest insecurity made them famous on the next double page spread and then a ‘totally spotless’ beauty article. The next thirty or so pages are devoted to some gorgeous looking fashion shoots. With lots of bright colours and quirky accessories it definately catches your eye. ‘Dolly You’ has stories on how readers met their boyfriends and some reader rants. The sealed section is ‘boys and their bits’ with the usual advice collumns. Dollywood is packed with heaps and heaps of celebrity gossip, but my favourite was an interview with amanda bynes and zac efron, about their new movie ‘hairspray’. The flip cover formal special has some very cute shoots with a cute mix of brights and pastels. 30 days of fashion and beauty ( has sponsored a ’30 days of formal fashion and beauty’ shoot with 30 things to do before your formal. The flip section doesn’t really interest me, as of course, i’m not doing my formal, but the colours and layouts are fabulous and it looks fantastic for anyone who is getting ready for their formal. For the $5.50 cover price it is well worth it. Fabulous reads and layouts. I give it 9.5/10. As soon as it comes out on wednesday, go and buy it. You won’t regret spending the money and it has issues that you can keep reading and not get sick of.
Love and cute september dolly’s,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. i tried to scan in a pic of the formal cover but i couldn’t get it to sit properly with the other cover. I’ll put it with my next post.

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