Cover girls…

For years now, if you have bought a magazine, you would have seen a celebrities face splashed across the cover. Cleo is changing this, for they say, the better. They are bringing back the model front cover, starting this month with Miranda Kerr. Personally, i think this change is FANTASTIC! I’m sick of seeing a celebrity on the cover of one of my favourite magazines and then the next month, the same magazine reporting she’s in rehab, or anorexic, or something similar. I’m not saying that models are perfect, far from it (does anyone remember the model that died earlier in the year, after surviving on tomatoes?) , I’m just saying that they’re better than celebrities. Of course, not all celebrities are bad. Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Panettiere (pictured) are three cover girls with only slightly tarnished reputations. Lots of celebs do fabulous work for charity and deserve to be on covers. Cover girls shouldn’t be clebrities that just party, party, party. Someone that does charity work and doesn’t party (that much) is Hilary Duff. Even though i can’t stand her, she is one celeb that truly deserves to be on a cover. Who do you guys think would make good cover girls?

Even better than model cover girls, a ‘Real beauty’ issue (or two) would be fabulous. Pictures of real people, un-retouched (or only slightly) and stories about REAL people doing REAL things instead of rhubarbing on about drunken celebrities and under-age sex. Seriously. When i’m a magazine editor i’m seriously going to do this! What do you guys think?

We won our debate today. The topic was interesting. It was ‘That the internet does more harm than good’ and we were negative (saying that it does more good). Some interesting topics were raised and it really made me think. The other team was saying that it is easy to get addicted to the net and even though i had to say that it was wrong, i believed them 100%. Oh well, at least we won 🙂

Love and real beauty,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. i have a new poll on the side. Make sure you vote in it!

3 thoughts on “Cover girls…

  1. i HAATTE hilary duff.. yet i still luv lizzie mcguire..i HAATTE mischa barton.. AND marissa cooper.. thy r stupid sluts..xoxo.. kay kept tryin to sabotage charity n muigell’s relationship.. thy had a new actress for kay evri utha day.. seriously at least 2 a wk..

  2. i hate hillary duff and all them lindsay lohan girls they so fake i rekon me nd u would look good on a cover of a magazine!! lolim glad u won debating coz i would kill u if u left me at school all alone just to lose!! lol gald u comin to school 2moz love u lots love h xoxo

  3. I agree with this .. Lol love the debate its hard agreeing with something you dont actually agree with lol.. did that make sense?!? lol. anyway answering your question .. i’d like to see Angelina Jolie on a page, not just because shes a famous actor, just because of the amount of work she does for charities and how she adopts the unfortunate and gives them better lives .. thats so nice :P:P (plus i want her lips!! so full LOl) lol seeya xox

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