Soapies. No, i’m not talking about the type in your shower. I’m talking about the type with close to cult following. The type that are shown in ‘prime-time’ television. Home and away. Neighbours. The type that have story lines so bizarre only fools would believe them but yet, people still do. I tuned into home and away tonight to see a yr12 girl discover that she she was pregnant on the day of her HSC trials, she told her friend and then when she blanked out in the test, her friend cheated for her. Of course, the friend still managed to fail even though she was sure she would ace it and that means that the pregnant girl failed as well. They both managed to get off with a ‘stern’ warning even though my school teacher mum said she’s taught kids who have been EXPELLED for cheating on their trials. Oh, and the friend? She’s the same character who in the last year has been bulimic, had her mum die, all her siblings (including her twin brother) move away and moved into her boyfriends cousins house. How many yr12 students do you know that that’s happened to? That’s not even the main story line. Another 16yr old boy has been ‘forced’ by his guardian grandfather to quit school and of course, as pay back he killed all of his grandpa’s sheep. Like, who wouldn’t do that? His little sister (who is played by charlotte someone who was in my cousins year at her school and is apparently a MAJOR bitch) discovered the poison he used and now she is forced with the major dilemma of whether to tell the police or not. On the side a boy in year 5 was skipped to high school half way through the year because he’s ‘gifted’. That’s in 2 days in one town. If only my town was that exciting! The story lines are repetitive and un-believable but for some crazy reason, i can’t stop watching….

I have to go to albury for a debate tomorrow. It’s against the same school that beast us last time but it’s a different team. Hopefully we’ll beat them!!! My bans been lifted (well duh!) so i can post every day again!!

Love and terribly addictive soaps,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. A few of my friends have told me to remind everyone that i have a ‘pet’ monkey Chi-Chi down the bottom of the page that LOVES to be played with. lol.

pps. pictured is indiana evans who plays mattie the ‘friend’ on home and away.

3 thoughts on “Soaps….

  1. i get pulled into them too in fact i was watching neighbours just before i dont watch home and away though lol thanku 4 mentioning ur adorable little monkey i play with him every time i come on here lol i love him so much i want one hehe i like flicking him around and feeding him bananas (gwen stefani taught me how to spell that!) lol keep up the awsm writing georgie love u 4eva love h xoxo

  2. i LOOVVE neighbours.. h&a is SHHIIT!! it sux!! but soapies rok.. i used to watch a bit of the real major soapies like B&B(bold n beautiful).. n passions was 1 of my FAV shows.. i still think about it.. n the lengths theresa would go to, to get ethan to fall in luv wit her instead of gwen who had an evil gold diggin mum rebecca who wanted julian who wanted sheridan who died but was found witout her memory.. omg n thn thr was charity who was perfect in evri way who was goin out wit migel(jesse metcalfe) who’s bro was louis n thy were tesresa’s bro’s.. n sheridN N LOUIs had an affair or sumthin but i think sheridan wwas married to sam who was louis’s best mate or sumthin..HOW THE HELL DO I REMEMBA ALL THT??xoxo.. toongen..

  3. btw just to put ur mind at ease im the one who pressed it sucks.. so dont stress i think its awesome..xoxo.. toongen..n theresa’s mum was julian maid!!n the witch tabitha made an evil charity clone n froze the real one in a big block of ice n thn the poerfect charity was bein a big rebel n goin to the ‘next level’ wit muigell..siz jst had to add tht..n tabitha had a lil dummy timmy hwo was real but no-one eva knew tht thy just thought he was a dummy..xoxo.. toongen..

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