Well i can cross that off….

Sometimes i’m randomly going about my day and i’ll do something really badly. If you’re my friend, you know my next sentence will be ‘well, i can cross that off my list of possible careers!’ I couldn’t think of anything that exciting to blog about today to i’m going to give you a (shortened) list of things (and reasons) that i will never be.
1. A doctor (pictured). I hate the sight of blood (my own or anyone elses) and i hate hurting other people, even if it is to make them better.
2. A nurse. For the reasons listed above.
3. Anything to do with metal work, or involving metal work. If you want a reason, ask my metal work teacher, or anyone in my class.
4. An artist, or anything to do with art. I can’t even draw stick figures. Enough said.
5. A fashion designer. Yesterday in tech, i almost broke a sewing machine, do you want another reason?
6. A geographer. Ask me where north is and chances are i’ll point west… or south.
7. A police officer. If i see anyone remotely strange looking i run in the opposite direction. Who knows what i’d do if i had to wrestle a gun off someone.
8. A Fireperson. I hate flames andthe heat would ruin my hair.
9. A Paramedic. For the reason listed in number 1.
10. An athlete. Of any size, shape or form. Seriously, ask any of my friends, i must be the most unco-ordinated person ever.

Ok, that was just the top ten in my list. I could go on for hours. Now if you hear me saying ‘well, i can cross that off my list,’ you’ll know what i’m talking about. All that’s really left is a magazine editor. Thank goodness i’m good at english… What are some careers that you guys just couldn’t possibly be?

Love and impossible jobs,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. i found out who has been pressing no. It’s my gawguzz friend charlotte who wanted to see the bar move. Omg she’s a smart one.

6 thoughts on “Well i can cross that off….

  1. wasnt it pressed twice tho.. i pressed it th first time n agen 2dai.. or did u not count 2dai cuz u didnt kno??i think u should seriously think about doin metal work as an elective tho.. u’s be soo good..wouldn’t ot be funny if we ended up workin at the same mag?? i’d quit!!xoxo.. toongen..

  2. haha charlotte charlotte charlotte she is so smart lol um i probably couldnt be any of those things except maybe i could be a police officer… yeh i could do that, that would be awsm wrestling guns off people and tackling them to the ground and sayin whatever you say or do will be used against you in the court of law!! and stuff like PUT YOUR HANDS UP!! YOUR UNDER ARREST PARIS HILTON FOR DRIVING WHILE DRUNK!! 4 DAYS IN JIAL FOR YOU!! haha maybe thats wahat im gonna be when i grow up hmmm maybe…lol love u george love h xoxo

  3. hey george soory biut the whole police officer thing i think i took it ab it tto far lol but seriously that would be kool i know another i couldnt be asweel… a chef oooh that would be bad the kitchen be on fire and the cooking would be burnt and i would look so unnatractive all black and sooty and oooohh even thinking about me cooking scares me lol i could be a footy player then i might get to meet tom hawkins omg!! i might get to meet TOM HAWKINS!!! hmmm maybe i should consider be the first girl ever to play AFL hhmmmm lol love h xoxo

  4. OBSSESSED!! hayley daniels u r obsessed..i couldnt see u gettin thru cop school.. i nnluv ya n all.. but i just cant see it.. footy can see tho..daddy wasnt there..xoxo.. toongen..

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