Opinions. Kisschasy say that they won’t keep you warm at night. Others say that everyone’s entitled to an opinion, as long as it’s theirs. I think that opinions are as important as breathing. Without opinions we are all the same. Opinions make us unique. Just think how boring life would be if we all agreed on everything. We’d all wear the same clothes, like the same shows, listen to the same music, be friends with the same people and have the same ideas. For everything. How annoying would that be. It’s so blah to be the same. Stand out and make a difference (in a good way…) opinions make you, you. I have more opinions than you could poke a stick at. Ask any of my friends. In my opinion, we should all be equal (but not in a total communist way), animals should have rights, cigarettes should be illegal, dean geyer should be prime minister, magazine reading should be a subject at school, we should all be made to walk anywhere within a 2km radius of where we live and chocolate should be at the top of the food pyramid. Believe me, that’s not even half of what i think. Start talking to me about ANYTHING and i will have an opinion on it. What are your main opinions? I love opinionated celebs. Any person who is in the public eye like that and doesn’t care about telling people what they think rocks my world. P!nk (pictured), the dixie chicks, kisschasy and heaps of emo/screamo/punk-rock bands are just some who stand up for what they believe in.

I absolutely hate people that are the same. Like if you ask them a question, they say the answer that everyone else is saying, even if they don’t believe it (‘so do u like this person’ *looks around to everyone else, general shaking of heads* ‘no’… even if they DO like them). It annoys me so much. Nobody is going to care! Alot of the time, i’m the only person with my opinion (animal rights/magazines/music) and do i care? OF COURSE NOT! i just am my normal crazy self, letting everyone know what i think but not giving a damn if they don’t like it. Notice how i said i don’t give a damn if someone doesn’t share my opinion. That is the only thing i hate more than people who don’t have an opinion. People who will only let you have THEIR opinion. There is a girl at my school and she is so bad like that. If you say something that she doesn’t believe, she will do this funny snorty laugh and let you know that your opinion sucks. We are meant to be different. That means different opinions. Like i said at the start, we would be boring if we all believed the same thing. I think that someone needs to tell that girl that….

Love and being extremely opinionated,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. do you know the muffin man?

2 thoughts on “Opinions…

  1. heyy george ur rite u are so opininated (dont no how to spell that word lol) but in a good way! haha dot worry im a bit like that too who is that person is it jasmine??

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