September girlfriend…

I just got my copy of september gf in the mail. yay! Jessica alba graces the front cover in a simple white singlet and jeans. The background is grey with a bright pink title and pink,yellow and white headings. There’s a 16 page poster book at the back, totally cool but i’m very disappointed theres no dean geyer. On most pages this month they’ve got a tiny checkbox with ‘Global warming is not cool’ and then a sentence like ‘our family has one car’ with a box to tick. Great way to work out how much you’re doing for the planet. With beauty articles like ‘the clear skin diaries’ ‘dry-school’ and beauty shoots with orange products and 30 pages of fashion, the mag is looking very cute indeed. Another fantabulous editors letter by sarah and a section on ‘futures’ for all the kids leaving school. You can win an internship at lots of cool places (napoleon perdis and roxy are two) and there is some mysterious video competition with gf and myspace but the details haven’t been posted on their website. I’m very disappointed because for the last two years the ‘you make the mag’ competition has been in the september issue but it’s a no-show. Maybe next month. Articles in the mag include ‘lie to like me’ ‘girls night out’ ‘ what would….. do?’ ’10 cool ways to waste time on public transport’ and fashion, beauty and entertainment ‘blogs’ to keep everyone happy. My fave was the entertaiment one with rob mourning the loss of veronica mars. Neons were features yet again in the fashion section. Oh if they only weren’t so expensive…. GF is a must buy for $5.50 if you’re not a lucky subscriber like me. Sorry bout the shoddy cover scanning 😛 I’ve decided to review each mag as it comes out now, instead of doing a compare the pair. Enjoy your Gf (even if it’s not officially out till wednesday).
Love and girlfriend magazine,
frangipani princess xoxo
ps. remember bout the 40hr famine… i have some names already so don’t miss out 😛

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