‘Poor’ Paris…

OMG!! paris hilton’s grandfather has seized her $59 million inheritence! apparently he’s ‘fed up’ with her partying ways. So not to look mean, he also cut off his other 11 grandchildren’s inheritence. That’s $2.4 billion to charity. Well, i don’t blame him really, poor kids can now say they’ve got paris’s money and ‘poor’ paris will actually have to work for a living. She really will have to live the ‘simple life’. I just feel bad for the other 11 grandchildren. I don’t think paris will be getting christmas cards off her cousins this year….
Love and ‘poor’ paris,
frangipani princess xoxo

3 thoughts on “‘Poor’ Paris…

  1. haha thats so cool i cant wait to see paris work for her money like we all do i hope they make a t.v show about it lol love h xoxo

  2. u feel sorry for nicky hilton?? sorry i jst dont share ur view thr.. paris is WAAY better lookin.. i hate nicky..umm H.. thy kinda made the simple life about paris workin..ur rite georgies frend.. its not like she gonna go without.. she’d make her own money frm appearances n her book n shit..xoxo.. toongen..

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