they’re just like us…

I was just at one of my mum’s friends houses down the street. She has two daughters who are 7 and 10 (the ten year old just won a state spelling bee!) and they both had friends over. I stayed and was hanging out with them and helping them cook a chocolate cake when the following conversation took place:
Me: So, Chloe, do you like Bindi Irwin (acknowledging the Bindi shrine near her bed)
Chloe: Yeah she’s so awesome. What about you, are you obsessed with anyone?
Me: Well, there is my tiny Dean Geyer obsession…
Chloe’s friend: OMG! Eeeww the hottest guy on last years Australian Idol was definately Ricky.
*All little girls nod in agreement*
Me: Ok then, who do you guys like?
Chloe’s friend: OMG ZAC EFRON!!!
Chloe’s sister Jayde: Yeah he is HOT!
Jayde’s friend: I would just die if i met him. He is that hot.
And it went on like that for about five more minutes. Other than that, my convo highlight would have been when a nine year asked me what my favourite horror movie was. When i said i hadn’t seen any and she replied ‘Oh, mine is child’s play but my favourite movie of all time is mean girls’. I was amazed. When i was 7-10 i didn’t care about ‘hot’ guys or horror movies. What is our society coming too? Granted, chloe is a major tom-boy that is obsessed with Harry Potter but the others….. What do you guys think?

Love and random conversations,
frangipani princess xoxo

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